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Child Poverty in an Emergency and Conflict Context: A Multidimenstional Profile and an Identification of the Poorest Children in Western Darfur This study argues the multiple domains of deprivation complicate efforts to tackle poverty among children in Western Darfur and require a more comprehensive and coordinated approach by relief agenciesDarfur, poverty, children, humanitarian intervention
Briefing: The crisis in South SudanThis article is a breifing from African Affairs Journal on the coup attemept in Juba.Juba, Salva Kiir Mayardit, Sudan, South Suda, Crisis, Coup
South Sudan: Why Are the Dinka and Nuer Killing Each Other in South Sudan?In this article the South Sudanese conflict between the Dinka and Nuer people is analyzed. It analyzes cause, effect, and the future. DInka, Nuer, South Sudan, War, Crisis, Ethnic violence
Fleeing civil war, South Sudanese say national unity is a distant goalThis publication discusses the effects that the refugee crisis will have on national unity in South Sudan. Published by Al Jazeera America.Al Jazeera, South Sudan, Unity, Civil War, Peace, National Image.
Darfur, the genocide America forgotThis article describes the intent of militias and the idea of destruction as a key aspect to the behaviour of the Janjaweed.Janjaweed, Sudan, international action, Sudan crisis, Genocide, America, West, Rwanada, U.S. Congress
Omar al-BashirThis is a breif description of the early military career of al-Bashir, and his path to power. It is presented by the Berkley Center for Religion, Peave & World Affairs, Georgetown University.Georgetown, al-Bashir, Sudan, coup, Second Sudanese CIvil War, biography, bio
Sudan: The Crisis in Darfur and the Status of the North-South Peace Agreement This gives you access to a publication from the Congressional Research Service, which discusses in depth the issues in Darfur and the present and future problems with the north-south peace agreement. Congressional Research Service, Darfur, North-South, Peace, al-Bashir, Crisis
The International Criminal Court’s Ineffective
Enforcement Mechanisms: The Indictment of
President Omar Al Bashir
This 38 page documents the inefficiencies in the Indictment of Omar al-Bashir by the International Criminal Court. It was published by the Fordham International Law Journal (2011)Fordham, International law, Indictment, Rome Statute, Omar al-Bashir, Sudan
Empowerment and the State Crisis in SudanThis article discusses the issues of economic empowerment and its role in the crisis in Sudan. It also discusses what the actual economic goals of al-Bashir, Econiomics, Sudan, crisis, empowerment
The case against Sudanese President Omar al BashirThis blog entry by John C. Bradshaw outlines the evidence and analyse on Sudanese President and the war crimes that he is accused of commitingWar Crimes, Omar al-Bashir, United Nations, ICC, Sudanese government
The background of the Comprehensive Peace AgreementThis page explains the background of the CPA and the outline of the agreementCPA, Sudanese government, SPLM/A, Six agreements
Human Rights This fact sheet by the United Nations Mission in Sudan outlines the mandate, activties, achievements and future plans in Human Rights Mission, United Nations, Human Rights, Sudan
Civil Affairs DivisionThis fact sheet by the United Nations Mission in Sudan outlines the mandate, location and activties for the Civil Affairs DivisionUnited Nations, Civil Affairs Division, Sudan
Protection of CiviliansThis fact sheet by the United Nations Mission in Sudan outlines the mandate, main objectives, Achievements and main challenges of the Protection of Civilians in their missions Protection of Civilians, United Nations Mission, Sudan, CPU, IDPs
SOFASOFA is the agreement between the Government of Sudan and the United Nations concerning the statuts of the United Nations Mission in SudanSudan, SOFA, Government of Sudan, United Nations, Mission
Paying Lip Service to R2P and Genocide Prevention: The Muted Response of the US Atrocities Prevention Board and the USHMM’s Committee on Conscience to the Crisis in the Nuba MountainsThis article examines the response from the US Atrocities Prevention Board in regards to the Crisis in the Sudan's Nuba Mountains.US Atrocities Prevention Board, Nuba Mountains, Crisis, South Sudan, USHMM, r2P, Genocide
The real reasons behind South Sudan crisisThis scholar-quality article highlights some of the alternative ideas about the originis of the current Crisis. Written by a proffessor at NATO Defense College.NATO, NATO Defense College, Sudan, Crisis in Sudan, Coup, Crisis. Causation
UNHCR urges support for Sudan refugeesA short video and article segment outlining both the economic and political circumstances, specfically regarding the lack of infrastructure and political unrest that has driven individuals to abandon their homes in Sudan and South Sudan. The article also discusses the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee's urgent call for support.United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Sudan, World Economic Forum
Bashir threatens to block S Sudan oilThis news broadcast video is of Omar al-Bashir speech threatening to stop the flow of oil from South Sudan if they do not stop supporting the rebels. The broadcast also explores the reasonings behind the threat.Oil Pipeline, South Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, Sudanese government, Rebels
S Sudan 'will not go to war' over oil disputeThis article explores South Sudan's President Salva Khir response to Omar al-Bahsir threat to cut oil pipeline. It explores the reasoning why Bahsir's threat was a call for war and why South Sudan will not be comdemning warfare between the two states.South Sudan, Sudan, Oil, Salva Khir, Bahsir, war
BBC News- Sudan Profile This is a short overview profile of Sudan. Featured is a timeline, facts, information on the leaders and the media in the country.Timeline, Sudan, Republic
Blue Nile: Sudan's new war zone This news article written by James Copnall is a first-hand experience in Damazin in September 2011. He describes the defeat of the rebels by the government soldiers. Copnall interacts with the soldiers to find out what happenes to the prisoners and the most important aspect what will happen next with the government.Damazin, Rebels, SPLM-North, Government Soldiers, Prisoners
Darfur conflict displaces 300,000 in five months-UNThis news article explores the placement of refugees due to the fighting in Sudan's Darfur. It provides a timeline of the armed conflict between the government and the rebels and the 1.4 million homeless caused by the decade-long conflict. The United Nations humanitarian official Valerie Amos provides an interview on the situation of refugees and the international community.Refugees, Darfur, United Nations, Valerie Amos, Humanitarian, International community.
Sudan's Bashir threatens to cut oil flow from South Sudan This article discuses Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir threat to close an oil pipline that carries oil from South Sudan to Sudan's Red Sea Coast if South Sudan does not stop giving support to the traitors in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nule.Omar al-Bashir, South Sudan, Armed conflict, Oil pipeline, Oil disputes, Darfur, Blue Nile, South Kordofan
Humanitarian crisis in SudanThis podcast is an interview with Mukesh Kaplia about the new conflict in the Blue Nile and his sightings and discoverings whne he finished the humanitarian disasterBlue Nile, Humanitarian Crisis, Mukesh Kaplia, South Sudan, Darfur
Sudan: Divisions in the Ruling PartyEJ Hogendoorn, Crisis Group's Horn of Africa Project Director discusses in this podcast why internal divisions in the ruling party (NCP) could threaten the country's future stability. National Congress Party, EJ Hogendoorn, rebellious territories, African Projecdt Director, Sudan
South Sudan: A Civil War by Any Other NameIn this media release report, the International Crisis Group reviews the specific political and military factors that have further contributed to Sudanese violence and evaluates the steps necessary for conflict resolution in the region.Sudan Conflict Resolution, International Crisis Group,
Divisions in Sudan's Ruling Party and the Threat to the Country's Future StabilityThe Crisis Group report explores the failure of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and the independence of South Sudan. The report explains the challenges that remain for both governments by providing a historical outline of the conflict and discussing both ruling parites.Crisis Group, Ruling parties, South Sudan, CPA, Sudan, NCP, Darfur, Challeges
Sudan: Major Reform or More WarThe Crisis Group report outlines Sudan's quest for national consensus since the beginning. It explores the peace deals, conferences, economic and political issues that they are facing, while exploring current issues. The report provides steps toward a managed transition out of the crisis.Crisis Group, Economic, Military, Political, NCP, SRF, Peace deals
Sudan's Spreading Conflict (I): War in South KordofanThe Crisis Group report is the analyse of the spreading of civil war in Sudan. The research was conducted in South Kordofan and through field research and interviews the Crisis Group tries to reflect the government's views on the situation, while providing background and current issues. Crisis Group, South Kordofan, South Sudan, SPLM-N, Blue Nile
Sudan's Spreading Conflict (II): War in Blue NileThe article outlines the views of both the ruling NCP and the SPLM-N rebels. It analyses the root causes of the conflict in Blue Nile, while describing the recent war and offers soultions to the humantarian crisis. Blue Nile, NCP, SPLM-N, Rebels, Peace Agreement, Marginalisation, International Crisis Group
Even dictators have to quit sometimesThis news article outlines Omar al-Bashir annoucement of stepping down from office in 2015Sudanese government, Omar al-Bashir
The descent into civil warThis article explains and gives a brief summary of what caused South Sudan's decent into civil war, and the adverse effects of this happening. Civil war, South Sudan, War, Peace, Conflict
Cash, aid and diplomacyThis article explores the economic and political standing of Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir with the situation of rebuilding Darfur.Darfur, Sudanese government, Economics, Omar al-Bashir
Destroying itself from withinThis Economist article discusses the failure of peacemaking efforts in the Sudan, and the effects these efforts have had on the future of the Sudan. Salva Kiir, Riek Machar, South Sudan, War, Sudan Crisis, the Economist
Republic of South Sudan: From North-South to Nuer-Dinka ConflictThis article assesses the continued conflict and instability in South Sudan, even after the split from Sudan. It analyzes the roles of two major ethnic group; the Dinka and the Nuer.Dinka, Nuer, South Sudan, Sudan, Civil War, Power Struggle, Ethnic violence
Sudan: Satellite Images Confirm Villages DestroyedHuman Rights Watch article explaining the attack of a village in Central Darfur by a militia leader and the lack of intervention from the Sudan's regular armed forces to protect the civilians.Central Darfur, Sudanese government, Ali Kosheib, Attacks
Sudanese army guilty of 'war crimes' in Sudan's Blue Nile State: reportThis news article explores the accusations that the Amnesty International are making about the Sudanese military forces and government in regards to the rebel-controlled areas in the Blue Nile State. Amnesty International provides research and damning proof of the destruction that is being caused to civilians and the villages by the Sudanese army. The article includes interviews and satellite pictures of the destructionAmnesty International, Civilians, Armed conflict, Destruction, Sudanese military
Sudan's Oil Crisis is Only Bashir's First Problem;
Blood on the White Nile
This article from foreign affairs highlights the problems that al-Bashir will face in regards to the oil and gas industries, and how this will affect politics and his ability to rule. al-Bashir, OIl, Oil industry, Foreign Affairs magazine, Sudan crisis, South Sudan
Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir: The Hague Justice Portal This is the official page describing the situation and history between the Hague, the ICC, and al-Bashir. It provides full legal history and all times of conviction. This resource is updated as events change over time. al-Bashir, The Hague, ICC, International Criminal Court, Procecution, Sudan Crisis, International Law
The Al Bashir Appeals Chamber Judgment on Genocide: A Critical Appraisal in Law and in ContextThis is a legal analysis of the appeal by Al-Bashir, presented by the Hague Justice Portal. It provides a full, detailed, and technichal analysis of the situation and the future possibilities the case could continue towards. al-Bashir, The Hague, ICC, Legal analysis, Rome Statute, Genocide
Darfur in the Shadows The report examines the impact of the abuse the civilians received from the government by describing the failure of the government to provide accountability for any of the abuse and human right violations that the civilians received.International Criminal Court, Darfur, human rights, Human Rights Watch, United Nations,
Human Rights Watch - Democracy on Hold: Rights Violations in the April 2010 Sudan Elections
This 32-page report documents numerous rights violations across Sudan by both northern and southern authorities in the period leading up to, during, and following the April elections.Democracy, Elections, Political Violence, Free Speech, Report
Human Rights Watch- World Report 2013
The updated World Report from Human Rights Watch outlining the recent news on the conflict in the Blue Nile and Darfur, refers to the oil production and the protests that have been occurring. Indicating the key international actors that are involved in the conflict today. Darfur, Blue Nile, Protests, World Report,Refugee
The Prosecutor v. Omar Hassan Ahmad Al BashirThis is the official International Criminal Court situation page on Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir. It outlines his criminal activity in Sudan and the types of crimes he was involved with.International Criminal Court, Omar al-Bashir, War crimes, Genocide
Sudan: Conflict ProfileThis resource presented by Peace Direct provides an outline of the historical reasons for the current Sucan Crisis. THis also provides insight into the legislation around the conflict.Peace Direct, Crisis in Sudan, Darfur
Gendered Language in the United Nations Secretary-General's Report on SudanThis article discusses the 2005 report of the UN Secretary-General calling for a "peace support operation" in Sudan (S/2005/57), a proposal subsequently supported by the Security Council in resolutions 1547 and 1574. Hala Eltom analyses the language of this report from a gender perspective and finds that it relies on generalities that lead to policy ambiguities, and reflects the persistent gender biases of the UN as an institution.Security Council, Sudan, resolutions, United Nations, Darfur, 1547, 1574
The Crisis in SudanAn overview and background on Sudan Crisis and the factors that have contributed to it's continued conflict, presented by the International Coalition The Responibility To Protect.Responsibility To Protect, Crisis in Sudan, Sudan People's Liberation Movement
UN Security Council Briefing on the Situation in DarfurThis article outlines the UN Security Council meeting that discussed the situation in DarfurSecurity Council, Sudan, Darfur, US State Department
Letter dated 16 April 2013 from the Permanent Representative of
the Sudan to the United Nations addressed to the President of the
Security Counci
This was a letter from Sudan containing a statement made by Bashir during the meeting with Kiir on 12 April when they discussed oil production and the relations between the two states.Bashir, Kiir, Sudan, South Sudan, Oil, Security Council
Report of the Secretary-General on the situation in Abyei This is a report from the Secretary-General about the situation in Abyei it discusses security, political, border, humanitarian, finances, deployment and observations issues and views. Abyei, Sudan, Security Council, Security, Finances, Border, Humanitartian situation
Statement by the President of the Security CouncilAt the 6749th meeting of the Security Council, held on Thursday, 12 April 2012, in connection with the Council's consideration of the item entitled "Reports of the Secretary-General on the Sudan", the President of the Security Council made the following statement on behalf of the Council.Sudan, Security Council,South Sudan, SPLA, Briefing
South Sudan: February 2014 Monthly ForecastThis article, provided by the Security Council Report, provides insight into the future of security concerns in the Sudan. It also provides some historical information from where they base the predictions.Sudan, future, conflict, UNMISS, IGAD, OCHA, al-Bashir
Joint Trokia Statement on Heightened Tension Between the Governments of Sudan and South SudanThis is a joint statement by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide, and United Kingdom Foreign Secretary William Hague calling on both the Sudan and South Sudan governments to comply with their September 27, 2012 agreements. The media note revolves around the issue that the Sudanese government annoucement that they will stop the flow of South Sudanese oil transportation and the statement is asking for both sides to reconsider their positions. U.S Department of State, Sudan, South Sudan, Government, John Kerry, Espen Barth Eide, William Hague, Oil
World leaders react over Sudan, S. Sudan oil conflictThis article outlines the reaction from different World leaders on the Sudan and South Sudan oil conflictSouth Sudan, World leaders, Sudan, Oil conflict
SPLM-N rebels launch fresh attacks in S. Kordofan, as UN say Ethiopian peacekeeper was killedThis article outlines the SPLM-N attack on the capital of South Kordofan Kadugli, where an Ethiopian peacekeeper was killed. SPLM-N, Ethiopian peacekeeper, United Nations, Darfur, Blue Nile, Rebels
Sudanese government and SPLM-N rebels may hold humanitarian talks soon – UN officialThis article is an update on Valerie Amo's briefing to the UN Security Council discussing the Sudanese officials, the humanitarian situation in Darfur and Blue Nile and most importantly the possibilities of the Sudanese government and the SPLM-N meeting to talk about the humanitarian issues that are affecting both of them. Valerie Amos, United Nation, Sudanese government, SPLM-N, Humanitarian issues
Sudan says African lobbying efforts for debt relief hit a roadblockThe Sudanese government announced that African efforts to seek debt relief on behalf of Khartoum have all but collapsed.Sudan, Finance, Debt
Sudanese rebels seek to transform SRF alliance into one partyA brief article indicating the interest of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) who are working to unify themselves and try and tranform themselves into a political partySudan Revoluntionary Front, Political Party, Malik Agar
Is Sudan's Uprising the Beginning of the End of Omar al Bashir?The new article explores the uprising in Sudan and the success and faults in protesting against the Sudanese government. The article investigates the use of social media to bring protestors together and the violence that is being inflicted on the protestors from Omar al Bashir security. The article updates the reader on the events occurring in Sudan and explains exactly what the people want from their government, for Omar to step down. Horn of Africa, Omar al-Bashir's, reign, Protests, National Congress Party, The Coalition of Revoluntary Sudanese Youths, Democracy
Sudan: UN expert voices concern at human rights situation in Korodofan, Blue Nile statesA press release made by Mashood Adebayo Baderin, Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation stating the need for the international community to become more involved in the conflict in Darfur, humanitarian laws and the need to protect the rights to press freedom is discussed. National Action Plan on Human Rights, Baderin, UN Human Rights Council, Blue Nile, Darfur, South Kordofan
SECURITY COUNCIL PRESS STATEMENT ON SUDAN/SOUTH SUDANThis press statement welcomed the 27 September agreements between Sudan and South Sudan.Press Statement, September 27, Sudan, South Sudan, UN Security Council
Genocide in DarfurThis page gives a brief timeline of the genocide in DarfurDarfur, Genocide, Human Rights Council, United Nations, Sudan
Freedom in the world: Sudan OverviewThis summary, presented by Freedom House, provides statistics in the amount of freedoms that civilians in the territory have. There is also about 5 pages of background and rationale for the freedom ratings. Freedom, Freedom House, Darfur, Genocide, Democracy, Liberty, al-Bashir, John Garang
South Sudan’s civil war: towards a progressive analysisThis summary article gives an analysis of the democratic crisis caused by the Civil war. This article is published by openDemocracy.Civil War, Crisis, Sudan, South Sudan, War, Peace, Democracy