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Human Rights Watch - Democracy on Hold: Rights Violations in the April 2010 Sudan Elections
This 32-page report documents numerous rights violations across Sudan by both northern and southern authorities in the period leading up to, during, and following the April elections.Democracy, Elections, Political Violence, Free Speech, Report
The Background to Sudan's Comprehensive Peace Agreement This web page outlines the six agreements that the Government of the Sudan and the SPLM/A signed under the mediation of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development.Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Mediation, United Nations, Protocols, Cease-Fire
Special Report: After Southern Split, Sudan StumblesThis article discusses some political challenges that are affecting Sudan and South Sudan as a result of the split.Politics, Oil, Activists, Omar al-Bashir, Religion
Special Report: For the World’s Newest Nation, a Rocky StartThis is the beginning of a series of articles that Reuters is chronicling about the first year in the life of South Sudan.Government, Citizens, Resources, Violence, Corruption
Universal Declaration of Human RightsThis report outlines the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.Human Rights, Equality, Peace, Law, Freedom
Universal Declaration of Human RightsThis report outlines the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Arabic .Human Rights, Equality, Peace, Law, Freedom
Protection of Civilians FactsheetThis factsheet outlines the ways in which the United Nations Mission in Sudan is mandated to coordinate international efforts towards the protection of civilians.Civilians, Internally Displaced Persons, Refugees, Rights, United Nations
Comprehensive Peace Agreement MonitorThis report summarizes the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement on a monthly basis.Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Government, Resolution,
Abyei Protocol FactsheetThis factsheet outlines the protocol between the Government of the Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement Army on the Resolution of the Abyei Conflict.Abyei, Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Resolution, Government
The Road Map for Return of IDPs and Implementation of Abyei Protocol Khartoum, 8th June 2008This report outlines the steps to the return of internally displaced persons, security arrangements, and the implementation of Abyei protocol.Abyei, Security, Internally Displaced Persons, Peace, Resolution
In SUDAN MAGAZINEIn SUDAN magazine is produced monthly by the Public Information Office and gives regular updates on Sudan and the UN. This link leads to monthly issues from 2008-2011.Magazine, United Nations, Updates, Public Information Office
UN Raises Concern Over Human Rights Violations in South SudanThis United Nations Radio- News and Media page allows you to read and listen to recent struggles with the human rights situation in South SudanHuman Rights, Violence, Abuses, United Nations, Justice System
UN Concerned About Insecurity in Pibor town of South SudanUnited Nations Mission in South Sudan spokesperson Ariane Quentier tells UN Radio’s Derrick Mbatha that the situation is getting worse.United Nations, Security, Pibor town, Violence, Looting
Security Council Condemns Abyei AttackThe United Nations Security Council have condemned the attack by Misseriya elements on a convoy of the UN Interim Security Force for Abyei on May 4th.Abyei, United Nations, Attack, Violence, Security Council
Human Rights Expert Wraps up Visit to SudanMashood Baderin discusses his eight-day mission to Sudan and claims that though challenges persist, Sudan has made progress in the area of human rights since June 2012.Human Rights, Challenges, Khartoum, Darfur, Justice System
Over 1,300 South Sudanese are Airlifted from SudanThe International Organization for Migration says over 40 000 people moved to open places in 2010 hoping to be transported to South Sudan.Khartoum, International Organization for Migration, Displaced Persons, Conflict
Interview with Hilde Johnson, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for South SudanThe United Nations news center spoke with Hilde Johnson about the first year after the split and what the future holds for Sudan and South Sudan.Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Security Council, United Nations, Independence, Hilde Johnson.
Resolution 1996-Adopted by the Security Council at its 6576th meeting, on 8 July 2011The Security Council determined that the situation in South Sudan continues to be a threat to international peace and security and therefore established UNMISS.Security Council, United Nations, Resolution 1996, Peace,
Press Conference by Head of South Sudan MissionOffers the highlights of a press conference by Hilde Johnson 23 January 2012Violence, Tribes, United Nations, Peace, Hilde Johnson
Address to the United Nations Association in Sudan by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonSecretary General Ban Ki-moon addressing the United Nations Association in Sudan, calling for a building of lasting peace.Ban Ki-moon, Peace, Society, United Nations, Government
Reports of the Secretary-General on the SudanThis report highlights information regarding the referendum in South Sudan, the status of Abyei, and the Comprehensive Peace AgreementAbyei, Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Security Council, Referendum
Special Report: After Southern Split, Sudan StumblesThis article discusses some political challenges that are affecting Sudan and South Sudan as a result of the split.Politics, Oil, Activists, Omar al-Bashir, Religion
Special Report: For the World’s Newest Nation, a Rocky StartThis is the beginning of a series of articles that Reuters is chronicling about the first year in the life of South Sudan.Government, Citizens, Resources, Violence, Corruption
South Sudan Rebel Now President Takes on Poverty, GraftSouth Sudan’s President Salva Kiir is confronting both poverty and corruption while trying to build a stable society.Heglig Oil Zone, Salva Kiir, Poverty, Corruption, Development
Sudan Officially Notifies it will Halt Oil ExportsSudan has informed South Sudan that it will freeze their oil and economic agreements unless Juba gives up support for insurgents operating across their shared border.Oil, Government, Politics, Insurgents, Juba
South Sudan Oil Output Target Needs At least a YearSouth Sudan will need at least a year to restore oil output fully after fighting with SudanOil, Exports, Civil War, Heglig, Diplomacy
South Sudan Resumes Oil Exports Through SudanIn March, Sudan and South Sudan agreed to resume cross-border oil flowsOil, Exports, Heglig, Diplomacy, Government
Sudan, South Sudan agree to Open 10 Border CrossingsSudan and South Sudan agreed to open 10 border crossings along their joint border as a way to boost travel and trade.Trade, Border, Oil, African Union, Heglig
Sudan’s Bashir Pledges Peace in First South Sudan Visit Since SplitDiplomats hope Bashir’s visit to South Sudan will help both sides overcome deep mistrust and solve their remaining disputes.Split, Peace, Omar al-Bashir, Diplomacy, Juba
Sudan tells United Nations its Debts Must Be Cancelled.Sudan told the United Nations General Assembly that its debts must be cancelled and its economy supported as it recovers from losing critical oil revenue to South Sudan.United Nations, Economy, Oil, Debt, IMF
African Union calls for Sudan, South Sudan Summit on Abyei.Presidents Omar al-Bashir and Salva Kiir have been unable to agree on the ownership of AbyeiAbyei, Omar al-Bashir, Salva Kiir, African Union, Tribes
Crisis in Abyei-Sudan’s Peace Threatened?This article outlines the dispute between Sudan and South Sudan over the ownership of the Abyei region.Abyei, Peace, Displaced, Government, Comprehensive Peace Agreement
Perspectives on the Sudan, South Sudan Crisis.In this audio clip, HE Pa’gan Amum, Sudan People’s Liberation Movement Secretary General discusses perspectives on the Sudan crisis.Peace, Violence, Civil War, Split, SPLM
Sudan and South Sudan: Beyond BrinkmanshipLess than a year after South Sudan’s independence from Sudan, the two countries are on the brink of a return to a full-scale warCivil War, Peace, Conflict, Independence, Blue Nile, Kordofan
Sudan Admits Impact of Heglig Crisis on EconomyThis article from the Sudan Tribune outlines how the Sudanese government acknowledged the economic ramifications of losing Heglig to South Sudan’s army.Heglig, Oil, Economy, Government, Peace
Conflicts in SudanThis web page outlines conflicts in Sudan in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile, and Eastern SudanConflict, Civil War, Violence, Darfur, Blue Nile
Conflicts in South SudanThis web page outlines some inter-communal violence, militias, and humanitarian challenges in South SudanConflict, Civil War, Violence, Rebels, Ethnicity
Tensions Between the Two SudansThis web page outlines the north-south negotiation process, as well as fighting along the border and the Abyei area.Peace, Ceasefire, Abyei, Civil War, Violence
Implementation Modalities for Security Arrangements Agreed on 27 September 2012 Between the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of South SudanThis report outlines decisions that were adopted at the Extraordinary Session of the Joint Political and Security Mechanism held in Addis Abba.Politics, Government, Economy, Security,
Sudan Law Reform Advocacy Briefing May 2013This briefing’s aim is to inform and engage those working on, and interested in law reform and human rights in Sudan.Human Rights, Torture, Diplomacy, Government, Law
2013 UNHCR Country Operations Profile-South SudanThis web page outlines the context of what is currently happening in South Sudan, as well as the main objectives and targets for 2013UNHCR, Security, Basic Needs, Statistics, Refugees
2013 UNHCR Country Operations Profile- SudanThis web page outlines the context of what is currently happening in Sudan, as well as the main objectives and targets for 2013UNHCR, Security, Basic Needs, Statistics, Refugees
Shelling of UN Base in Sudan Kills PeacekeeperBBC News has a story on the recent killing of a peacekeeper, supposedly by rebels in Kadugli in South Kordofan State.United Nations, Peacekeepers, Violence, Rebels, Government
Sudan Accuses South and Darfur Rebels Over Abyei Oil BlastSouth Sudanese rebels have attacked an oil pipeline in the Abyei region.Rebels, Oil, Abyei, Government, Violence
Abyei Crisis: UN Confirms Sudan Troop PulloutSudan pulls troops out of the Abyei region as negotiators from Sudan and South Sudan begin talks over several disputesNegotiation, Abyei, United Nations, Border
South Sudan: Murle Torture in Jonglei Denied by ArmyFrom BBC news, South Sudan’s army has been accused of killing and torturing members of the minority Murle community during a disarmament campaign.Torture, Disarmament, Human Rights, Violence, Jonglei
South Sudanese Refugees Flown Home From KhartoumBBC News reports on South Sudanese Refugees finally returning to Juba. Up to 500 000 Southerners lost their nationality after the split.Juba, Refugees, Independence, Camps, Oil
President Bashir Orders South Sudan Border to be OpenedOn President Bashir’s first visit to the South since its independence, he called for peace and normal relationsOmar al-Bashir, Salva Kiir, Oil, Land Disputes, Government
Sudan Rivals ‘to Resume Pumping Oil’After a bitter dispute over fees, Sudan and South Sudan have agreed to resume pumping oil.Oil, Government, Economy, Disputes, Border
Sudanese Leaders Bashir and Kiir Commit to Buffer ZonePresidents Bashir and Kiir have reaffirmed their commitment to setting up a buffer zone on their shared border to resume oil exports.Oil, Border, Economy, Government, African Union
Abyei Deadline Looms for Sudan and South SudanThis BBC News Video discusses how the people who live there are affected by this land dispute.Abyei, Displaced persons, Land Disputes, Border, Government
Sudanese Leaders Bashir and Kiir Sign Oil and Trade DealsPresidents Bashir and Kiir have agreed on trade, oil, and security as a way of easing tensions.Omar al-Bashir, Salva Kiir, Peace, Oil, Security
Sudan and South Sudan ‘Agree Oil Deal’This BBC News Video discusses talks of agreements between Sudan and South Sudan that have yet to be implemented.Oil, Economy, Abyei, Government, Diplomacy
Could a Deal End Sudanese Disputes?This BBC News Video discusses the violence and disputes between Sudan and South Sudan over oil and land.Oil, Land Disputes, Abyei, Violence, Diplomacy
Sudan and South Sudan Leaders Discuss Oil and BordersOmar al-Bashir and Salva Kiir have resumed talks aimed at resolving long-running disputes over oil and land.Oil, Land Disputes, Demilitarized Zone, Omar al-Bashir, Salva Kiir
The Broken Approach to Peace Between the SudansThis paper argues that the international community’s current efforts to broker peace in the Sudans is caught in a counterproductive cycle and provides recommendations for more viable strategies.Peace, International Community, Cooperation, Abyei, Security
South Sudan: A Politics of Demise or a Vision for Progress?This Sudd Institute review looks at the progress that South Sudan has made in regards to governance, military, public service, health care and discusses the many challenges that still have to be overcome, specifically in regards to economic insecurity.Oil, Independence, Progress, Economy, Government
Sudan’s Spreading Conflict (I): War in South KordofanThis report is looking at the conflict in Sudan’s peripheries, specifically South Kordofan and suggests some recommendations for the future.South Kordofan, Violence, Civil War, Politics, Government
Mapping the Sources of Conflict and Insecurity in South SudanThis report looks at the ethnic violence, urban crime, and unfair justice system that is plaguing South Sudan.Violence, Conflict, Government, Politics, Insecurity
The Sudanese Press after Separation- Contested Identities of JournalismThis report details the history of the Sudanese Press as well as the history of Sudan.History, Background, Sudanese Press, Journalism, Liberty
The Right to a Nationality and the Secession of South Sudan: A Commentary on the Impact of the New LawsThis paper looks at the effects of the secession of South Sudan, the impact that new laws have had, and the livelihood, safety, and security of refugees.Laws, Security, Secession, Refugees, Split
South Sudan: Prospects for Peace and DevelopmentThis is a report by the International Development Committee on South Sudan’s prospects for peace and development. It outlines the background of the conflict, progress toward the MDG’s, the humanitarian situation, and the role of the international communityMillennium Development Goals, Humanitarian, International Community, Peace, Development
China and Conflict-Affected States –Between Principle and Pragmatism –Sudan and South SudanThis case study draws on evidence gathered through desk review and field research in various parts of Sudan and South Sudan and looks at China’s engagement, analyzing its impacts on peace and conflict between the two countries.Peace, Conflict, International Relations, History, Split
What Peace and Whose? Envisioning a More Comprehensive, More Stable Peace in South Sudan and SudanThis paper explores questions about peacebuilding in Sudan and South Sudan with the aims of fostering debate about what can be done to build a more stable peace between the two countries.Peacebuilding, Economy, Dialogue, Fairness, Government
Amnesty International Public Statement-Sudan-Government Crackdown on Activists and Political Opponents.This statement from Amnesty International is about their concern for the recent wave of arbitrary arrests of activists, trade unionists, and perceived members of opposition parties and peaceful demonstrators in Sudan.Amnesty International, Activists, Government, Protestors, Politics
More than a line: Sudan’s North-South BorderThis report examines instigators of conflict in the North-South border areas of Sudan and current initiatives aimed at managing them.Conflict, Border, Split, Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Peace
Communique of the AU Peace and Security Council Meeting on the Situation Between Sudan and S. SudanThis report outlines the decisions that were adopted on the situation between Sudan and South Sudan at the Peace and Security Council of the African Union’s 339th meeting.African Union, Peace, Security, Government,
Statement by South Sudan’s FM before AU Peace and Security CouncilThis is a statement by H.E. Nhial Deng Nhial Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Republic of South Sudan at the meeting of the African Union Peace and Security Council.African Union, Peace, Security, Government, Nhial Deng Nhial
AU Peace and Security Council Statement on Progress in Sudan-South Sudan TalksThis report outlines the decisions that were adopted on the situation between Sudan and South Sudan at the Peace and Security Council of the African Union’s 329th meeting.African Union, Peace, Security, Government, Politics
The Agreement on Friendly Relations and Cooperation Between The Republic of South Sudan and the Republic of SudanThis report outlines the agreements made between Sudan and South Sudan allowing them to have friendly relations and cooperation. The agreement entails security and borders, nationality and protection of the status of nationals of the other state, economic relations, and Abyei.Cooperation, Politics, Economics, Agreement, Abyei
Sudan Vows to End Fighting With South SudanThis article discusses how Sudan promised to end hostilities with South Sudan and comply with a UN Security Council Resolution.United Nations, Border, Conflict, Violence, Government
UN Passes Resolution Threatening Sanctions on SudansThis article discusses how the United Nations Security Council threatened to impose sanctions on the both Sudan and South Sudan if they continue recent violence.United Nations, Security, Violence, Border, Sanctions
Sudan ‘Declares Emergency’ on Border With South SudanThis article discussed the clashes between the border districts of the South Kordofan, White Nile and Sennar states that began when South Sudan occupied the Heglig oilfield area.Heglig, Oil, Border, Dispute, Violence
Sudan Border Clashes: African Union, UN, Call for PeaceThis article discusses how the African Union would like Sudan and South Sudan to abide by a plan that entails both parties pulling out forces from a disputed border area.Border, Dispute, Oil, Heglig, African Union
Ban Ki-moon Condemns Sudanese Air Raid on South SudanThis article discusses how Ban Ki-moon claimed that there can be no military solution to the border dispute between Sudan and South Sudan.Bank Ki-Moon, United Nations, Military, Border, Dispute
Sudan Leader Omar al-Bashir Says ‘No Talks’ with SouthOmar al-Bashir ruled out talks with South Sudan on the border conflict that has prompted fears of an outbreak of war.Omar al-Bashir, Border, Dispute, Civil War, Violence
Is War Between the Sudans Inevitable?This article discusses the tensions between Sudan and South Sudan and Omar al-Bashir and Salva Kiir.Omar al-Bashir, Civil War, Violence, Border, Government
Sudan’s Tangled Conflicts Fuel Border BattlesThis article discusses aspects like the role that religion plays, and proxy armies in contributing to the border conflicts in Sudan and South Sudan.Border, Religion, Civil War, Violence, Conflict
South Sudan ‘To Withdraw Troops’ From Heglig Oil FieldThis article discusses disagreements over Heglig oil field between Sudan and South Sudan.Heglig, Oil, Conflict, Border, Omar al-Bashir
Obama Urges Sudan Talks After Heglig ‘Withdrawl’This article features some of what Barack Obama said after Sudan and South Sudan withdrew from Heglig claiming that they need the courage to return to the negotiating table and come up with a peaceful resolutionBarack Obama, Heglig, Oil, Peace, Negotiation
Sudan: Civilians Caught in Unending Crisis in Southern Kordofan This report outlines the tensions between the Sudanese government and armed opposition group, the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Army-North (SPLA-N) and describes the detrimental impact that this is having on civilians in Sudan’s Southern Kordofan state.Armed Conflict, Southern Kordofan, Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Civilians, Blue Nile
Sudan: The Break UpThis three piece documentary series by Al Jazeera looks at the history of Sudan and how political unrest, religion, and violence all contributed to the steps leading up to the split.Colonial Power, Civil War, Religion, Violence, Political Unrest
Sudan ProfileThis news site provides a brief overview of Sudan’s split and outlines a timeline of key events from 1881 to March 2013.Timeline, Split, Abyei, Conflict, Civil War
Inside Story-Sudan-The Reality After the Split– This video by Al Jazeera looks at the current reality in Sudan and South Sudan, outlines the current peace negotiations that are trying to be established, and discusses the possibilities of re-establishing cross-border oil flow.Amnesty, Oil, Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Government, Economy
Decisions and Deadlines- A Critical Year for SudanThis report looks at the future of Sudan and South Sudan, specifically in regards to elections, national politics, and deciding the future of Blue Nile, Southern Kordofan, Abyei, and DarfurComprehensive Peace Agreement, Oil, Elites, Government, Elections
Sudan city stormed by Darfur rebels-News ArticleRebel fighters seeking to topple president storm Um Rawaba and say they are heading to Khartoum.Rebels, Khartoum, Darfur, Looting, Um Rawaba
South Sudan returnees still live in limboThis video clip outlines the struggles that displaced people are dealing with while living in temporary camps as a result of the split.Temporary Camps, Split, Basic Needs, Independence, Displaced
Sudan frees army officers held for coup bid-News ArticleThis article outlines how Omar al-Bashir has pardoned nine army officers days after they were jailed.Omar al-Bashir, Amnesty, Political Prisoners, Coup, Government
Sudan and South Sudan boost relationsWhen President Omar al-Bashir visited Juba, he claimed that diplomacy and trade will be normalized.Omar al-Bashir, Diplomacy, Trade, Disputed Border, Oil
South Sudan Restarts Oil ProductionSouth Sudan restarted their production of oil ending a 15-month row with Sudan.Oil, Agreement, Civil war, Peace, Conflict
Analysis: Sudan peace talks in a ‘Catch-22’Sudan and South Sudan are struggling to implement the peace deal that they signed in September 2012.Peace Deal, Negotiations, Demilitarized Zone, Politics, Economics
Sudan protesters aim to ‘elbow out’ BashirThis article outlines the June 2012 protests which featured ‘licking your elbow’protests, referring to a metaphor for achieving the impossible.Protests, Omar al-Bashir, Peace, Politics, Violence
Sudan and South Sudan- Good neighbors?- News ArticleThis article discusses how Sudan and South Sudan can start working on unresolved issues, specifically in regards to their dispute over oil.Oil, African Union, Economics, Politics, Exports
Media come under fire in South Sudan- News ArticleUnarmed protesters were fired upon by unidentified men in uniforms, nine of which are confirmed dead. The footage that surfaced described the incident as ‘gross human rights violations’Protesters, Human Rights, Civilians, Media, Journalists
Scores pay in crackdown over S Sudan protestRights groups cry foul as police detain many, including some who were not in the country during December protests.Protests, Rights Groups, Human Rights, Trials, Justice System
Sudan: Half the horror remains untold-News ArticleAs South Sudan began preparing to declare independence, western media incorrectly frame violence as entirely one-sidedMedia, Independence, Violence, Economics, Political Power
Sudan agrees to demilitarize north-south zoneNorth and South Sudan agreed to set up a demilitarized zone along their shared border, as South Sudan moves closer to independence.Independence, Demilitarized Zone, Shared Border, Abyei, Peace
Reviving the ‘New Sudan’ vision-News ArticleIn the face of growing unrest, former statesmen John Garang’s vision could serve as a banner of unity.John Garang, New Sudan, Government, Politics, Independence
South Sudan Demobilizes Child SoldiersThis brief video clip outlines how the army in South Sudan has pledged to demobilize all child soldiers under the age of 18.Child Soldiers, Army, Peace, Education, Politics
Conflict, the Continuum and Chronic Emergencies: A Critical Analysis of the Linking Relief, Rehabilitation, and Development Planning in Sudan This paper argues that in order for Sudan and South Sudan to move from relief aid programming to development aid programming there needs to be a minimum level of security, respect for human rights, humanitarian access, and donor governments accepting the legitimacy of national governmental structures and of the rebel movements. Donor Countries, Rebels, Development, Aid, Politics
Evaluating the EU's Role and Challenges in Sudan and South SudanThis report outlines the European Union's institutional capacity to carry out early conflict warning, early action, and conflict prevention in Sudan and South SudanEuropean Union, Conflict, Prevention, Abyei, Peacebuilding
Challenges Facing Sudan After Referendum Day 2011This report discusses various issues and problems along the border of Sudan and South Sudan, specifically between White Nile and Upper Nile States, South Kordofan, and the Abyei area.Referendum, Split, Challenges, Border, Violence
Sudan: The Prospect of Interventions and it's ImplicationsThis chapter raises questions concerning how Western intervention in Sudan, both diplomatic and military can lead to unintended consequences. Intervention, Western, Implications, Military, Consequences
Sudan and South Sudan- Current Issues for Congress and US PolicyThis report looks at the shared interests and disputes between Sudan and South Sudan and gives an overview of political, economic, and humanitarian conditions in both countries, with a focus on implications for US policy and congressional engagement. US, Disputes, Economics, Poiltics, Humanitarianism
Canada's Engagement in Sudan and South Sudan- Priorities and ObjectivesThis web page outlines what Canada's objectives are in Sudan and how Canada's engagement there reflects Canada's core values and foreign policy priorities of freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. Canada, Intervention, Aid, Military, Humanitarianism
Canada Recognizes International Midwives Day by Supporting New Initiatives in South SudanCanada's Minister of International Cooperation announced two new initiatives to support the profession of midwifery as practiced by certified midwives, and to support safe maternity care in South Sudan. Midwives, Children, Safety, Healthy
Canada's Achievedments in Sudan and South Sudan This web page outlines Canada's international efforts in Sudan and South Sudan and shows the progress that they have made in the areas of aid, diplomacy, and security. Canada, Intervention, Aid, Diplomacy, Security
Canada's Partners in Sudan and South SudanThis web page displays CIDA's partners in Sudan and South Sudan that help ensure that Canada's assistance has effective results.CIDA,Intervention, Aid, NGO, United Nations
Canadian Aid to Sudan and to South Sudan This web page outlines CIDA's efforts in Sudan in regards to humanitarian assistance, early recovery efforts, and stabilization and reconstruction.CIDA, Intervention, Humanitarian, Stabilization, Reconstruction
Report of the Secretary General on South SudanThis report provides an update on developments in South Sudan including the deployment of all misison elements, force generation, implementation of the protection of civilians strategy, United Nations system support to peacebuilding tasks etc. United Nations, Civilians, Peacebuilding, Development, Secretary General
Report of the Secretary General on the situation in Abyei-May 17, 2013This report provides an update of progress in the implimentation of the mandate of the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei, and brings attention to any serious violations of the Agreement between the government of Sudan and the SPLM on Termporary Arrangements for the administration and security of the Abyei area. Abyei, Agreement, United Nations, Security, Government
Report of the Secretary General on the situation in Abyei- March 28, 2013This report by the Secretary General provides an update on the security situation in Abyei, political developments, an update on the status of the Joint Border Verification and Monitoring Mechanism, and the humanitarian and civil situation in Abyei. Abyei, Security, Politics, Border, Humanitarian
Sudan's Spreading Conflict (II)- War in Blue Nile This report reflects on the views of both the NCP and SPLM-N Rebels in regards to analysing the root causes of the conflict, and solutions to mitigate the humanitarian crisis and move towards a comprehensive peace.Blue Nile, Peace, Conflict, Humanitarian, Rebels
The Signal Program on Human Security and Technology -Sudan-Anatomy of a Conflict This report provides a history of the conflict along the border of Sudan and South Sudan in the areas of Abyei, South Kordofan, Blue Nile, and Heglig. Abyei, Blue Nile, South Kordofan, Heglig, Border
Cooperation Agreements Between Sudan and South Sudan and Prospect of Economic and Politcal Stability This paper discusses the urgent necessity for implementing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between Sudan and South Sudan, the challenges facing this agreement, and its impact on the bilateral relations as well as economic and political stability for both countries. Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Challenges, Bilateral Relations, Economics, Politics
The Humanitarian and Human Rights Situation of the IDPs and War Affected Civilians in the SPLM/A - North Controlled Areas of Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile States This report provides a better understanding of the conflict in South Kordofan and Blue Nile to generate awareness in national, regional and international communities about the dire humanitarian situation in these areas. Humanitarian, Displaced Persons, Conflict, Awareness, Blue Nile, South Kordofan
Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations This document discusses the 2011 referendum, the comprehensive peace agreement, and different border issues that have arisen as a result. Border, Referendum, Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Boundaries, Dispute
Interim Administration Mission in KosovoThis article discusses the overview of what with will be discussed in the Security Council on July 11th 2013 in regards to the Peacekeeping in Sudan and South Sudan and the discussion of renewing the mandate of the UN Mission in South SudanSecurity Council, UNMISS, South Sudan, Sudan, Peacekeeping
Securtiy Council Documents for July 8th 2013This Security Council agenda reports on document S/2013/366, which contains the report of the
Secretary-General on South Sudan.
Hilde Johnson, Security Council Meeting, July 8th 2013, Security General, South Sudan
Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in KosovoThis Security Council report discusses the activities of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) from 23 April to 15 July 2013. It outlines the priorotoes of the Mission and the actions and presence that is still taking place in KosovoKosovo, Security Council, UNMIK, Secretary-General, Mission, Political
Report of the Secretary-General on the situation in Abyei This Security Council report examines the progress in implementing the mandate of United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA) and to discuss any violations that occurred between the Government of Sudan and teh Sudan People's Liberation movement on Temporaty Agreements and the Administration and Security of the Abyei Area. The report provides updates and the tasks taking place.Abyei, UNISFA, Security Council, South Sudan, Sudan, Security
Security Council Sixty-eighth year. 7011th meeting This agenda discusses the situation in the Great Lakes region. It reports on the implementation of the peace, security, and cooperation framework for the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the region Congo, Great Lakes region, Security Council, mandate, security, peace, framework
Sudan Defense Minister Phones his Counterpart in Juba On New Security Meeting This article discusses the relationship between the Sudan defense minister and the South Sudanese counterpart Kuol Manyang Juuk and the cooperation agreement that was made between the two countries. However, it also discusses the Juba situation and what is occurring recently between the two sides and the oil pipelines.Juba, Sudanese defense minister, South Sudanese defense minister, SUNA, oil, cooperation agreements