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Human Rights Watch - Democracy on Hold: Rights Violations in the April 2010 Sudan Elections
This 32-page report documents numerous rights violations across Sudan by both northern and southern authorities in the period leading up to, during, and following the April elections.Democracy, Elections, Political Violence, Free Speech, Report
BBC - South Sudan ProfileBBC gives a brief description of South Sudan's geography, history, economy and conflicts in an organized way while describing the dispute over the land between the Dinka Ngok of South Sudan and the Misseriya tribesmen of SudanHistory, economy, conflict, border conflicts
Genocide Watch - South SudanThis brief article discusses the inter-tribal conflict, ethnic clashes, militias and other paramilitary groups that are gaining acess to power as SS continues being unable to protect its own people. Tribal conflic, Abyei, Dinka, ethnic clash, militia, Lou Nuer, Murie
Canada International - Canada's Achievements in Sudan and South SudanSince 2006, Canada has invested $900 million in the S + SS conflict. This report lists some of the achievements of Canadian troops in the Sudan and South Sudan conflict as well as some of the conditions set by the Canadian government are discussed, including stability and prosperity. Canada, achievements, conditions, aid, deplomacy, secutiry, progress
Canada's Engagement in Sudan and South Sudan: Priorities and ObjectivesThis page gives information on Canada's interests in the Sudan and South Sudan conflict. According to this article, Canada wants to foster lasting peace and stability in these countries and lists some of the priorities and objectives that Canada has for achieving these goals.Priorities, objectives, Canada, Background, Darfur
START in Sudan and South SudanForeign Affairs and International Trade Canada discusses their START program which seeks to resolve conflict in Darfur, address humanitarian and human rights concerns and fostering development. This brief summary of START in the Sudans also includes their goals for S + SS and some of the peace operations in these areas including: UNAMID (United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur) UNISFA (United Nations Interim Security Forces for Abyei) and UNMISS (United Nations Mission in South Sudan)START, human rights, UNAMID, UNISFA, UNMISS
2013 South Sudan Economic PartnershipIn this video clip, the economic partners of South Sudan discuss ways that they can invest in South Sudan and other ways that they can help them economically.South Sudan, economy, partnership, UN
Child Marriage: South SudanSouth Sudan is in a maternal health crisis. Many female children (under the age of 18) are sold as child bridges in exchange for cows or other economic goods. South Sudan has the highest maternal mortality rates and climbing infant mortality rates that threaten the health of the countryChild marriage, culture, economy, girls, women, human rights
How the Dinka in South Sudan Cope with Climate ChangeSouth Sudan has the highest number of pastorialists in the world where 80% of its people are involved in lhearding livestock. The limited availability for pasturing because of the environment and conflict has led to tensions between different tribal groups who have limited land to graze their cattle.Environment, food security, pastorialist, Dinka
Parag Khanna Maps the Future of CountriesMany people think the lines on the map no longer matter, but Parag Khanna says they do. Using maps of the past and present, he explains the root causes of border conflicts worldwide and proposes simple yet cunning solutions for each.Countries, borders, conflict, solutions
The World FactbookGeneral information on South Sudan's geography, people and society, economy, government, communications, transportation and transnational issues. Geography, people, culture, government, communication, transportation
Sudan: Jonglei Conference Aims to Resolve Escalating Tribal ConflictSouth Sudan's government is attempting to tackle violent inter-tribal fighting, but it is uncertain whether they have sufficient resources to do so. The enviornment as well as increasing prevelance of the arms trade has made traditional disagreements and tensions more violentTribal warfare, conflict, arms, borders, Jonglei
After Years of Struggle, South Sudan Becomes a New NationAfter more than five decades of an underdog, guerrilla struggle and two million lives lost, the Republic of South Sudan, Africa’s 54th state, was about to declare its independence in front of a who’s who of Africa, including the president of the country letting it go: Omar Hassan al-Bashir of Sudan, a war-crimes suspect.Freedom, new nation, independence, celebration
Sudan and South Sudan: Good Neighbours?Sudan and South Sudan have reached a deal over oil payments, ending a dispute that brought the two nations close to war in April. In January, South Sudan stopped oil production after both sides failed to reach an agreement on transit fees earlier this year. Oil accounts for 98 per cent of South Sudan's budget.Oil, border conflict, Abyei, territory
South Sudan Set to Sign new Nile AgreementNew treaty would replace colonial-era law that gave Egypt control of most of the Nile as power dynamics shift in region. The agreement would use the Nile River water to construct projects that will bring "prosperity and welfare to its citizens". Egypt, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Nile, water, economy, security issue, threat
The Truth Behind the Ethnic Conflict in South SudanThe conflict between the cattle herders, the Nuer and the Murle has long been blamed as a "tribal conflict." Dr. Jon Arensen has a different point of view. He believes that this tribal conflict over cattle is really just an excuse for genocide in the Jonglei State. Jonglei, Nuer, Murle, tribal conflict, violence, genocide
A Canadian Peacekeeper Reflects on his Mission in South SudanA Canadian peacekeeper reflects on the challenges facing the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)Peacekeeping, Canada, challenges, UNMISS, development, limited resources
Foreign Intervention Behind the Creation of South SudanA brief, 10-minute documentary exploring the foreign influence in the creation of the South SudanInternational Community, Documentary, Creation
South Sudan: Humanitarian Update (April 13, 2013)Access restrictions remain an increasing problem in the South Sudan Abyei conflict, undermining the prompt and efficient delivery of humanitarian assistance. The International Organization of Migration continues to seek to respond to humanitarian needs in Jonglei State in light of ongoing inter-communal tensions and military activity. This is their monthly report that gives information about the needs of civilians and the challenges that international organizations like IOM are facingJonglei, Abyei, conflict, humanitarian, military, civilians, health, hygene, South Kordofan
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2011South Sudan report of Human Rights violations and abuses.Abyei, Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) conflict, South Kordofan, Blue Nile, Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), SPLA, IDP, Juba
Small Arms Survey: South SudanInside South Sudan, a growing number of well-armed insurgent commanders launched rebellions against the Southern government and army in 2010 and 2011, destabiizing large parts of the Greater Upper Nile region. Steady supplies of small arms and light weapons to all parties are fuelling these conflicts, threatening to extend and prolong them significantly. Small arms, weapons, destabilize, Nile, Lou Nuer, Murle, SPLA, CPA, Russia, China, United States, rebel, militias
Human Rights Watch: South SudanAn influx of refugees and returnees from the North has presented severe humanitarian challenges to South Sudan. Between January and August political, inter-communal, and resource-driven clashes killed over 2,600 people, according to the United Nations. The government failed to fulfill its responsibility to protect civilians from this violence, as security forces fighting against armed militias committed serious abuses against civilians. Politics, legislation, development, Salva Kiir, SPLM, SPLA, North-South Border, Militia, Upper Nile, Inter-communal violence, LRA, Human Rights, Actors
OCHA: Cumulative Number of ReturneesThis is a map of South Sudan's provinces and the amoung of returnees to each areaMap, returnees, IDPs, refugees
2.7 Million South Sudanese to Need Food Aid in 2012Around 2.7 million people in South Sudan will receive aid from next year with crop failures and violence hitting Africa's newest nation hard. South Sudan imports much of its food needs from Sudan, but border trade has been disrupted by armed clashes. Economy, food, crop, hunger, World Food Program
UN peacekeping chief urges Sudan and South Sudan to cease recriminationsUN peacekeeping chief urges Sudan and South Sudan to resolve their conflict by peaceful means through working together efficiently and effectively to manage security along the border. He urged the two countries to establish the joint border monitoring mechanisma that they had agreed on in JulyPeacekeeping, border, Security Council, Upper Nile, CPA, SPLA, UNMISS
Report of the Panel of Experts established pursuant to resolution 1874 (2009)The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has continued to defy the international community in a series of actions which have heightened concern about its intentions. The Security Council has reacted to these breaches of its existing resolutions by adopting further measures and strengthening the overall sanctions regime aimed at inhibiting teh country's ability to develop its weapons of mass destruction and missile programmes.
Democratic People's Republic of Korea, arms, weapon, sanction, mass destruction, missiles, Security Council
Creating University-led private and public partnership to assist nation-building efforts in South SudanTrying to help new countries like South Sudan forge another path and not become another Haiti is difficult. Another solution, besides never-ending direct aid, is via universities. Creating dedicated partnerships between specific US schools and schools within South Sudan is one way of offering assistance to this nation. The partnerships would teach the target nation how to help itselfAid, UNICEF, UN, challenges, USAID, peacebuilding, infrastructure
South Sudan beyond Self-Determination: Lessons, Challenges and ProspectsBeyond the euphoria of national liberation, however, this article traces similar experi-ences in the assertion of self-determination and how their dynamics could relate to post-liberation Southern SudanLiberation, self-determination, challenges, post-liberation, identity, lessons, collaboration, nation-building, development
Redevelopment of inland water transport for post-conflict reconstruction in Southern SudanTransport infrastructure redevelopment is needed in post-conflict situations to smoothly resettle people displaced by armed conflicts and to handle the increased flow of goods and people. This chapter will propose ways to improve planning methods for transport redevelopment in post-conflict reconstruction.Inland Water Transport (IWT), redevelopment, reconstruction, reconstruction, advantages, challenges
Press Conference by Head of United Nations Mission to South SudanThe main mandate of the Mission had followed a new approach, which linked to supporting the new and independent country with peace, stability, consolidation of peace and also by providing long-term State-building. In addition to this, the Mission had a strong mandate in enabling development to take place.UNMISS, peacekeeping, peacebuilding, stability
South Sudan's oil production slumps since independenceOil production in one of South Sudan's states has fallen by a quarter since independence four months ago. Because the two countries have yet to agree on the sharing of their oil wealth, investors have been hesitant to invest in the two countries oil.Oil, South Sudan Liberation Army (SSLA), deal
United States Institute of Peace Special Report: Dowry and DivisionEach report analyzes an aspect of the state-building challenge and recommends priorities for the government of South Sudan. This report assesses the situation, priorities, and expectations of South Sudan’s massive youth population in the context of building the new nation.Nation-building, youth, recommendation, challenges, peacebuilding
Sudan Issue Brief: Fighting for SpoilsBeginning in the aftermath of state and national elections in April 2010, South Sudan has faced an eruption of armed insurgencies, the majority of them led by former Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) commanders in the Greater Upper Nile region. This has lead to chaos and the deaths of thousands of South Sudanese. SPLA, Upper Nile, Shilluk, Peter Gadet, elections, militias
Sudan - Security Council Meeting (Webcast)UN Security Council meeting on the Secretary-General's report on the situation in AbyeiUN, Security Council, Abyei, UNISFA
H.E. Mr. Francis Nazario - Security Council Media Stakeout (Webcast)Informal comments to the media by H.E. Mr. Francis Nazario, Permanent Representative of South Sudan to the United Nations on the situation in SudanUN, Security Council, South Sudan, conflict
H.E. Ms. Susan Rice, Permanent Representative of the USA to the US on the situation in Sudan/South Sudan and Syria (Webcast)Informal comments to the media by H.E. Ms. Susan Rice, Permanent Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations on the situation in Sudan/South Sudan and Syria.UN, Security Council, Sudan, South Sudan, situation, conflict, peace
Conflict Risk Alert: Stopping the Spread of Sudan's New Civil WarCivil war is spreading in Sudan, and concerted international action is needed to stem the violence and prevent it from engulfing the entire country and the wider region. Abyei, Blue Nile, CPA, SPLA, strategy,
Children Affected by Armed Conflict in Southern SudanDecades of war has torn families apart, broken down societal structures and led to massive displacement that is causing more insecurity, breeding conflict. Children, conflict, IDP, refugee, CPA, SPLA
Sudan: Fight for the Heart of the South (Documentary)Foremost in the long list of challenges faced by the government of South Sudan is the task of creating an inclusive and representative administration among different tribes with a history of bitter enmity.Tribes, government, peacebuilding
The Devil Came on Horseback (Documentary)2007 documentary concerning the situation in South Sudan.Government, conflict, peacebuilding, peacekeeping, challenges, tribes, Janjaweed
Sudan: History of a Broken Land (Documentary)As the people of Southern Sudan prepare to vote in a referendum that may see them secede from the North, Al Jazeera maps the turbulent history of a country on the verge of a momentous decision.Referendum, government, history
Blue Nile 2012 (Documentary)Documentary discussing the plight of the people in the Blue Nile region who have been forced to relocate in refugee camps due to conflict and violenceRefugee, Blue Nile, SPLA
Living with Guns SSANSA South Sudan Documentary on Gun Violence This is a documentary by the South Sudan Action Network on Small Arms (SSANSA). It highlights the impacts of gun violence in the communities of South SudanJonglei State, Lakes State, arms, militias, conflict
The Dinka Tribe (Documentary)This is a documentary about the Dinka tribe in South Sudan and their way of living.Dinka, tribes, culture
Videographic: A History of Modern SudanSplit between North and South, Sudan's recent history has been shaped by conflict and oil.History, conflict, oil
South Sudan Oil: Back in BusinessAfter a 16-month hiatus, South Sudan's largest oil field (and accounts for 80% of its oil wealth) is up and running again.Oil, The Palouge,
A new country rises from the ruinsThe world's youngest country struggles to build a decent government and society after decades of war.Government, peacebuilding, challenges, infrastructure, potential, border
East Africa: Sudan Denies Tropps Crossed into South SudanSudan has downplayed allegations by South Sudan that its troops crossed into the buffer zone between the two countries, and denies it is now backpedaling on a peace agreement meant to ease the flow of oil between them.Border, oil, Omar al-Bashir, Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF), North Kordofan, South Kordofan, pipeline
Sudan Army Rejects Juba's Allegations of IncursionsThe spokesman of the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) Colonel Al-Sawarmi Khalid Saad dismissed accusations made by South Sudan of incursions into its territory calling it "baseless".SAF, Al-Sawarmi Khalid Saad, incursion, borders, CPA
Sudan's Parliament Backs Bashir's Decision to Halt Oil Flow Sudan's National Assembly has expressed support to president Omer Hassan al-Bashir's decision to halt oil flow from South Sudan with only one MP dissenting.Omer Hassan al-Bashir, Sudan's National Assembly, pipeline, oil, Juba, National Congress Party (NCP)
Ban welcomes agreement between Sudan and South Sudan on Abyei areaSecretary-General Ban Ki-moon today welcomed an agreement between Sudan and South Sudan to withdraw all forces from the disputed area around Abyei, a long-running source of tensions in the region.Ban Ki-moon, Abyei, Security Council, United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA)
South Sudan: World Leaders React Over Sudan, S. Sudan Oil ConflictSeveral world leaders on Monday reacted to a decision by the Sudanese president, Omar al Bashir to block the pipelines that transport oil from landlocked South Sudan's oil for exports through its territory.Omar al Bashir, pipline, oil, export, border, consequences
UN Statement on Jonglei ViolenceThe United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in South Sudan is concerned about the impact of renewed inter-communal violence on the civilian population in Jonglei State. Clashes have left villages burned, humanitarian assets looted and hundreds injured or killed.Violence, Jonglei State, attacks
UN Human Rights Council: General Debate on the OHCHR Report on South SudanHigh Commissioner for Human Rights shares her view that in the area of human rights, actual implementation remains extremely weak in South Sudan. The government took noteworthy steps to develop its legal and institutional structure, but South Sudan continues to face enormous challenges. Human Rights, challenges
Letter to President of the Republic of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit Letter to President of the Republic of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit From South Sudanese Civil Society Organizations Regarding the Government of South Sudan’s Invitation to President Omar al-Bashir to Attend the April 2012 Presidential Summit in JubaSalva Kiir, President Omar al-Bashir, International Criminal Court
What's Happening with Souther Sudan/Canadian Peacekeepers? In the past few weeks, President Omar Hassan al-Bashir of Sudan, who has been accused of orchestrating a genocide in Darfur, seems to be steering his country back toward war.Omar al Bashir, genocide, Abyei, South Kordofan, peacekeeping
R2P Alert: Sudan bombs South Sudan as Bashir vows not to negotiate The attacks followed the bombing of a market and an oil field on Monday, as well as reports that Sudanese troops had crossed the border into their recently independent Southern neighbor.Oil, Omar al Bashir, Heglig
United Nations in South SudanUN website with information from many sources about the UN's involvement in the South Sudan conflict. (Includes multimedia)Peacekeeping, World Health Organization, human rights
United Nations Mission in South SudanFacebook page of UNMISS that outlines the goals of the mission, troop strength, description and general information. Has up-to-date information from the field. UNMISS, peacekeeping, United Nations
UNMISS Facts and FiguresGeneral information about UNMISSUNMISS, personnel, police, fatalities, financing
UN Security Council Approves to Extend UNMISS mission in South Sudan UNMISS will focus its initiative of maintaining civilian protection and the nation’s security. The UN Security Council unanimously voted in favor of extending its peacekeeping mission for another year, according to a news release from the UN.UNMISS, Security Council, peacekeeping
Abyei: From a Shared Past to a Contested FutureThe Sudanese region of Abyei currently sits at the centre of a conflict between the north and south of what was Africa’s largest state. The stalemate has turned into a full-scale conflict between Sudan and South SudanAbyei, conflict, SAF, CPA
Radio Miraya (UNMISS)Generalist radio station operated by UNMISS that includes news, current affairs, needs-based programming, interactivity, music and sports. UNMISS, radio, news
IRIN: Humanitarian News and AnalysisHumanitarian news website: South Sudan
Government of South Sudan (website)Official website of GOSS that includes information on many different aspects of the new countryNews, presidency, ministries, states, legislation, investing, development, UN
UNISFA: United Nations Interim Security Forces of AbyeiOfficial website of UNISFA that focuses specifically on the conflict over the Abyei region in South SudanUNISFA, UN, Abyei, conflict, Security Council
Life in South SudanA blog about working and living in South SudanUNMISS, daily life, culture
Security Council: force commanders of UN peacekeeping missions brief on main challenges.Force commanders of UN peacekeeping missions breif the Security Council on the main challenges of achieving peace in South Sudan.Security Council, UN, UNMISS, peacekeeping
South Sudan Ethnic Violence Exposes Key Challenges fo Implementing RtoPEthnic violence in South Sudan in the Jonglei State between the Loue Nuer and the Murle has been described as ethnic cleansing the world's newest nation.Jonglei, Lou Nuer, Murle, conflict, genocide
Inside the Issues: South Sudan and the Responsibility to Prevent (Video)A brief history of the war is provided along with a discussion on the influence and advocacy of media in framing events for the international community. The connection between media and the responsibility to prevent is also explored within the larger context of foreign policy.History, media bias, international community, responsibility to prevent, foreign policy
Learning the Tricks of the Trade: Canada in South SudanThis piece highlights the lessons that the Canadian government has learned from CIDA while making a measurable difference in fragile states through a phased approach. It is also stressed that Canada must allow for local innovation and include the citizens of south sudan in the peace-making process.CIDA, peacemaking, lessons, challenges,
Canada helping South Sudan in its early days of nationhoodAfter decades of civil war, six years of a fragile peace process, and challenging negotiations to establish its post-independence relationship with Sudan, South Sudan is at a critical stage in its young history. Working with allies and regional partners, Canada’s policies, programs and personnel are helping to achieve some important results.civil war, peacemkaing, independence, results
Sudan ReferendumAbout three million people across Southern Sudan will go to the polls this weekend, to decide if they want to split their country in two. It's the culmination of a peace deal that ended a brutal, decades-long civil war. And some worry that a vote to secede could spark new violence. (CBC Radio program)civil war, violence, independence, referendum
Opinion: Forget Peacekeeping; Canada Should Focus on PolicingIf Canada wants to make a serious contribution to creating security overseas and at home, policing is where it can make the biggest difference.Policing, security, peacekeeping
Police Reform in an Independent South SudanAs South Sudan consolidates its independence, this policy brief analyzes the challenges facing the South Sudan Police Service’s ongoing reform efforts.Policing, independence, security, peace, South Sudan Police
Educating for Peace in South SudanThis policy brief explores challenges to building a peaceful society in South Sudan through education. It examines existing efforts, identifies opportunities and makes recommendations for how to improve peace, civic and citizenship education in South Sudan.Challenges to peace, education, recommendations, civic education
Improving Health Systems with the South Sudanese Diaspora: An Alternative Model for International Development?This policy brief explores how the South Sudanese diaspora could be mobilized to support strengthening health care delivery in South Sudan. It outlines opportunities, identifies challenges, and makes recommendations for how to benefit from engaging with the diaspora.Health care, opportunities, challenges, recommendations, diaspora
Uneasy Neighbours: the Elusive Quest for Peace and Stability in the SudansThis paper looks at the partition of Africa’s largest country, the challenges facing South Sudan, the unresolved conflicts in Darfur and along the North-South border, and some of the constraints on international efforts to promote peace and stability in the two Sudans.Challenges, unresolved conflict, North-South border, constraints, peace
Interview with Hilde Johnson, the Secretary-General's Special Representative for South SudanAs South Sudan prepares to mark its one year anniversary since independence, the UN News Centre spoke with the head of UNMISS, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for South Sudan, Hilde Johnson, about the past year and what the future holds. Hilde Johnson, CPA, UNMISS, challenges, key problems, Jonglei State, displacement
Clearing South Sudan of its Deadly LandminesEven now that South Sudan is independent, landmines continue to hinder movement, dissuade investors and frighten returning refugees. All 10 states of South Sudan report mine-related injuries and deaths. As of mid-2011, according to the UN Mine Action Coordination Centre (UNMACC), there were a total of 1,243 injuries and 3,158 deaths from landmines.Landmines, dissuade investors, refugees, UN Mine Action Coordination Centre (UNMACC)
Standing by South Sudan - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonSecretary-General summarizes the challenges of the post-conflict situation in South Sudan.Potential, challenges, oil, South Kordofan, Abyei, North-South Relations
Press Conference by Head of South Sudan MissionAs she briefed correspondents via videolink from Juba, Hilde Johnson, Head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), said that she had just met in the South Sudanese capital with Vice-President Riek Machar, and both officials had urged the Lou Nuer and Murle communities to redouble their efforts in preventing and ending violence in and around Jonglei State’s Pibor town.UNMISS, Juba, Hilde Johnson, Jonglei
Sixty-fifth General Assembly PlenaryWhen South Sudan started its journey, says its representative upon contry's admission to United Nations, it could hardly imagine road would lead here.
Southern Dissident MilitiasThe return of militia leader David Yau Yau to Janglei state in 2012 poses a threat to the stability of the new country. Dissident forces have largely operated from Sudan, but militia activity has increased in the south due to the integration of forces of Yau Yau, Peter Gadet, and Gabriel Tang-Ginye into the SPLA.David Yau Yau, Jonglei, Peter Gadet, Gabriel Tang-Gyne, SPLA, militia
Special Report: Peace and Reconciliation in South Sudan: a Conversation for Justice and Stability (June 7, 2013)There is recognition that liberation efforts wrecked relations among South Sudanese communities and there is a need for a national dialogue aimed at repairing these relations. The question is, what comes first? Peace or reconciliation?Peacebuilding, reconciliation projects, insecurity, peace
David Yau Yau's RebellionDavid Yau Yau's re-emergence in 2012 poses a significant threat to the stability of South Sudan. Yau Yau rejoined the SPLA in June 2011, resuming operations in Jonglei state in Augst 2012. His forces mobilized Murle youth in Pibour county.David Yau Yau, Jonglei, Murle, Pibor county, refugees
Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 2012, South SudanThis country report from the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, describes serious human rights problems like security force abuses, lack of access to justice and conflict-related abuses.Human rights, torture, prison, civil liberties, IDPs, corruption, minorities
Sudan: Civilians Caught in Unending Crisis in Southern KordofanThe armed conflict in Sudan’s Southern Kordofan state between the Sudanese government and armed opposition group, the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Army-North (SPLA-N)1, continues unabated, and to the detriment of the civilian population. This briefing focuses on attacks against civilians in Southern Kordofan’s Nuba Mountain region, and the additional hardship they continue to face due to the lack of humanitarian assistance and displacement.South Kordofan, SPLA-N, displacement, Nuba Mountains
Getting to Normal with the Two SudansTo achieve peace and stability within and between Sudan and South Sudan, the United States must now refocus its diplomatic engagement on the internal governance challenges in both states by moving to more normal diplomatic relations with each. United States, peace, stability
Railway: A Better Option than Pipeline for South SudanHowever, this should not cloud the nation’s vision for long-term investment dealing with the oil sector. Caution and thoughtfulness need to be exercised when it comes to deciding an alternative way of exporting South Sudan’s oil. Crude oil can be transported in many ways: over land through a pipeline, by train, or by truck.Oil, economy, railway
Allahu Akbar: A Friday in KhartoumField Notes: This personal account describes a typical friday in Khartoum. The writer gives some information on the clashes between Wahabi Muslims against their more peaceful Sufi neighbours.Salafi, Sufi, Khartoum, field notes
South Sudan: Mid-Term Evaluation (MDGIF: MDG Achievement Fund)Sustained Peace for Development: Conflict Prevention and Peace-Building in Sudan through targeted interventions in selected communities along the 1-1-1956 border.Development, conflict prevention, peace,
South Sudan Signs MOU with ACCORD for PeacebuildingThe Republic of South Sudan's Peace Commission and the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for partnership in peace building in South Sudan. The partnership will make the government's peace building institution and the international organization to work together in promoting peace and harmony between communities in the country's volatile areasACCORD, MoU, peacebuilding
Sudan's 1956 North-South Border Map is Non-ExistantThe Chairperson of the Southern Sudan component of the North-South Border Demarcation Commission, Engineer Riek Dogoal Juer, said the committee charged with the task to demarcate the North-South borderline based on the January 1, 1956 border could not find or trace any map drawn in 1956, during which the country gained its independence from the British colony, that would indicate the border between the two regions.Border, CPA, demarcation, National Congress Party
Sudan: Defining the North-South BorderA “soft” boundary is ideal, one backed by a framework for cross- border arrangements and, if necessary, safeguarded by a joint monitoring mechanism. Progress toward both demar- cating and defining the border will prevent it from be- coming a source of renewed conflict in the post-CPA era.CPA, demarkating, border, peace, Technical Border Committee (TBC), soft border
Agreement between the Republic of South Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan on the Demarcation BoundaryDemarcation, boundary, border, agreement, demarcation process
Agreement between the Republic of South Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan on Border IssuesBorder issues, demarcation, soft border, demarcation process
Best practices and tools for community-based peacebuilding in South SudanCanadian HOPE project is part of a growing effort to bring peace to communities of South Sudan. This manual has documented practical community level experiences that build and sustain peace.Canada, peacebuilding, South Sudan
Canada's responsibility in advancing women's roles in peacebuilding and defending human rights in Republics of Sudan and South SudanKAIROS partner, the Sudan Council of Churches, affirms the immense contribution that women in both the North and the South, as well as in the Diaspora, make as peacebuilders and human rights defenders in Sudan. They are key players whose role needs to be fully acknowledged and supported.Women, Sudan, South Sudan, peacebuilding
Canada-Africa Parliamentary AssociationThe Canada-Africa Parliamentary Association undertook bilateral visits to Juba, Republic of South Sudan from January 17 to 20, 2012. The visits had the following objectives: to strengthen bilateral relations and parliamentary cooperation; to engage parliamentarians in support of democracy, governance and the rule of law; to engage parliamentarians on security and economic issues; and to acquaint parliamentarians of Canada’s activity in the region, through contacts with parliamentarians, government officials, civil society groups, and businesses. Canada-Africa Parliamentary Association, international relations, bilateral visits, security, democracy, business
Presidential decrees vis-a-vis legislative powers: The case of South Sudan This article outlines the troubles that the South Sudan government has had transforming into a democracy. It also discusses the constitutional powers of the president.South Sudan, Constitutional powers, democracy, legislation, finance, president, SPLM
PCP distances itself from remarks on reconciliation with Sudan's ruling party This article discusses Sudan's opposition Popular Congress Party (PCP) and their concern with the power struggle and the support that has been given to president Mohamed Morsi that has led to thousands of deaths and injuries.PCP, South Sudan, NCP, Egyptian government, Ibrahim al-Sanoosi, Mohamed Morsi
South Sudan: UN ready to work with new Cabinet to advance peace, development efforts This UN breaking news article updates the position of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). The South Sudan's President Salva Kiir speaks about the new smaller Cabinet and how it will help to the Mission.UNMISS, South Sudan, Cabinet, Politics, Salva Kiir, Mission
South Sudan: UN peacekeepers boost security and aid access around Pibor, Gumuruk This report discusses the updates of United Nations peacekeeping mission in South Sudan. They are stepping up more military patrolling so that families are able to return home and to provide humanitarian aid.Peacekeeping, South Sudan, Military, Jonglei State, UNMISS
UN-managed fund to allocate $33 million for life-saving assistance in South Sudan This article explains how the South Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) is being used as a tool to provide funding for people who have been displaced by violence, returnees, refuggees and vulnerable communities. The article discusses that although the CHF is helping there is also not enough money to fully help out the people. South Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund, refuggees, World Food Programme, UN Secretary-General, Donors, Humanitarian aid
South Sudan: Braving Danger to Bring Joy in South SudanOn August 19th, the world celebrated World Humanitarian Day by recognizing the commitment and dedication of the humanitarian workers in South Sudan and the United Nations World Food Programme. The article describes the success of the work and the history behind the WFP program in South Sudan.World Humanitarian Day, United Nations World Food Programme, Humanitarian workers
International aid vital to help South Sudan tackle myriad challenges – UN relief officialThis article is stressing the importance of international humanitarian assistant to South Sudan due to how young the country is and the ethnic violence that has been occurring since their independence. There is need to help the country with security, education, violence and so on in order for this country to develop into an efficient one. South Sudan, International Humanitarian Aid, Jonglei state, Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator Kyung-wha Kang
Mission to South Sudan 2014Serise of posts by Amnesty International about the most recent missions in South Sudan that investigates human rights violations and to report on displaced personshuman rights, violations, displaced persons, Internally Displaced Persons, Canada, Juba
UN: South Sudan arms embargo crucial after massive Chinese weapons transferNew release concerning the call to the UN to restrict the amount of arms that can be shipped to South Sudan after finding China had been supplying both Sudan and South Sudan with small arms and ammunitition. China has also pleged soldiers to the peacekeeping mission and is a member of the Security Council.China, United Nations Security Council, UNMISS, NORINCO, small arms, ammunition
Monitoring South Sudan Timeline approach to the conflicts in Souther Sudan, given in weekly intervals. South Sudan, This Week in South Sudan
De Waal on Sudan and South Sudan The analysis and brief overview of the Sudan and South Sudan conflicts written by Alex de Waal, executive director of the World Peace FoundationWorld Peace Foundation, de Waal, visualizing, predicament, ethnic violence