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Russia Country ProfileThe BBC Country Profile provides an overview of Russia's economy, leadership, politics and media. [Source: BBC News]Russia, Economy, Population, Leadership, Media and Press
Ukraine Country ProfileThe BBC Country Profile provides an overview of Ukraine's economy, leadership, politics and media. [Source: BBC News]Ukraine, History, Economy, Leadership, Media
CIA World Factbook - Ukriane The CIA World Factbook provides information on geography, people and society, government,economy, military and transnational issues. [Source: CIA World Factbook]Geography, Society, Government, Economy, Military
CIA World Factbook - Russia The CIA World Factbook provides information on geography, people and society, government,economy, military and transnational issues. [Source: CIA World Factbook]Geography, Society, Government, Economy, Military
Crisis in Ukraine: Ukraine and Russia Beyond Crimean SecessionIn this audio or transcript, Professor Nicolai Petro, currently in Odessa, discusses the secessionist vote in the Crimean peninsula and the subsequent annexation by Russia, outcomes for the rest of Ukraine, and two major speeches by President Putin.Carnegie Council, Crimea, Ukraine, Secession
Crimea: Attacks, ‘Disappearances’ by Illegal ForcesHuman Rights Watch discusses the increase in paramilitary units, their actions occuring in Crimea and the effects on crime within the peninsula. The report details interactions of these groups with journalists, local human rights groups and citizens and the lack of police or legal support to enforce safety. Crimea, Paramilitary, Human Rights Watch
The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC)This link connects to the website of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) who are the voice of Canada’s Ukrainian community. The website features comprehensive material on the connection between Canada and the Ukraine, as well as a frequently updated briefs on the current situation within Ukraine. Ukranian Canadian Congress, Daily Briefing, Crimea, Canada, Ukraine
Crimea: Human Rights in Decline This report, describes the human rights consequences of the extension of Russian law and policy to Crimea since the occupation. Russia has violated multiple obligations it has as an occupying power under international humanitarian law. Human rights, Violence, Humanitarian law, Crimea, Russia
Human Rights Watch. “Rights in Retreat: Abuses in CrimeaHuman rights protections in Crimea have been severely curtailed since Russia began its occupation of the peninsula in February 2014. In the past eight months, the de facto authorities in Crimea have limited free expression, restricted peaceful assembly, and intimidated and harassed those who have opposed Russia’s actions in Crimea. Tatar community, Human Rights law, Occupy, Military force, International law
Has Russia Begun Offensive Cyberspace Operations in Crimea?This article analyzes Russia’s capacity to conduct both overt acts of cyber war and clandestine operations. It also discusses the likelihood that Russia will turn to offensive cyberspace operations to achieve its objectives.Cyber war, Russia, military, government, Ukraine.
Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s FaultThis article argues that the United States and its European allies share most of the responsibility for the Ukraine crisis.Russia, NATO, USA, European powers, European Union, Cold War
THE EU-RUSSIAN CONFLICT ON CRIMEA AND ITS REGIONAL IMPLICATIONSThis article explains that the EU as capacity on pragmatic approaches to resolving conflicts among its members. Nevertheless this supranational institution’s potentials to overcome possible rivalries and conflicts originated from outside of its border might be a more challenging one.Crime, EU’s Neighborhood policy, Russian Expansion, Energy, Political theory
RUSSIA AND UKRAINE: NOT THE MILITARY BALANCE YOU THINKThis article highlights the causes and nature of the conflict in Crimea, as well as provides some lessons for both Ukraine and other states that might be subject to Russian aggression in the future.
Crimea, Russia, Ukraine, European Security.
In Crimea, economic warfare in the Russia-Ukraine conflictThis report details the economic war between Russia and Ukraine in the conflict over Crimea and parts of DonbasCrimea, Russia, Economic warfare, Military conflict, Annexation, Sanctions
Keep a Lid on Crimea This article argues that Crimea is the most serious potential conflict in post revolutionary Ukraine. It also claims this crisis could lead to a hot war in Ukraine and dramatically increase tensions between Russia and the West.Annex, Human Rights, Military, Security
Will the Crimea crisis lead to Cold War II?With Crimea now holding a referendum on becoming a part of Russia, there’s growing anxiety from Russian and foreign experts about another Cold War taking place. Eastern Ukraine, Crimea, Foreign Policy, Cold War
Ukraine Conflict: Resolution through Negotiation This paper analyzes the Ukrainian crisis from an international perspective, drawing on the theories of realism, neo-colonialism, and structural functionalism. Intervention, Separatists, European Union, NATO, Anarchy, Conflict Resolution.
Ten Global Consequences of the Ukraine CrisisThis article outlines the effects of the Ukraine crisis on the international communityGlobal institutions, Russia, the West, Security Council, United Nations, Sanctions.
RUSSIA’S FORAY INTO UKRAINE: LESSONS FROM CHECHNYA CONFLICT This article analyzes Putin’s foreign policy with regards to the Chechnya and Ukraine conflicts.Insurgency, Chechnya conflict, Separatists, Autonomous
Putin, Crimea, and the Art (and Dangers) of the Fait Accompli: Part II – The DangersThis article explores the dangers and difficulties faced by Russia following its political and military intervention into what was territorial Ukraine.Military, Recession, Sovereignty, Referendum, Crimea.
General Assembly Adopts Resolution Calling upon States Not to Recognize Changes in Status of Crimea Region This report discusses the General Assembly’s commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty, political independence, unity and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, underscoring the invalidity of the 16 March referendum held in autonomous Crimea.Sovereignty, International law, UN Charter, Annexation, Security Council
Ukraine: Mounting evidence of war crimes and Russian involvementThis article claims that Russia is fuelling separatist crimes as it reveals satellite images indicating a build-up of Russian armor and artillery in eastern Ukraine.Weapons, Insurgent forces, Human rights violations, Armed conflict, War crimes, Abductions
Amnesty International Diverts Attention Away from Ukrainian Armed Forces Responsibility for War CrimesThis article claims there is a bias in Amnesty International’s reporting on the conflict in Eastern Ukraine by placing most of the blame on separatist forces and Russian troopsCrimes against humanity, War crimes, Human rights violations, Armed conflict
What are the Global Implications of the Ukraine Crisis? Russia’s annexation of Crimea and possible future incursions into eastern Ukraine could reshape the geopolitical map of Europe and derail cooperation between Moscow and the West for years to come.Annexation, Crimea, Geopolitical, Instability, Global security, European security, U.S strategy, Foreign Policy, Nuclear
The Ukraine Crisis and the Resumption of Great-Power RivalryRussia has stepped forward in Ukraine to protect its vital interests—which the West saw as aggression by a revisionist power. The ensuing conflict will last long and have an impact far beyond Europe.Cold War, U.S. foreign policy, Ideology, European Union, NATO, Nationalism, Geopolitics,
Europe Looks On as Russia Marches Into UkraineThe EU’s lack of direct action confirms that European governments, collectively, have neither the courage nor the strategic foresight to see what is happening on their borders. European Union, NATO, Post-Cold War borders, Security