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United Nations Stabilization Mission in Mali Outlines the establishment and purpose of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA). It discusses the missions objectives in supporting the political process and carrying out a number of security-related tasks, highlighting specific social focuses. The resource also presents relevant regional political history and background information. Mali, MINUSMA, Stability, Security, Background, Communication, Human Rights, Humanitarian Assistance
Mali In the Aftermath Of the French Military Intervention:Summarising the events which occurred whilst the planning of the African-led international support mission to Mali (AFISMA) was disrupted by armed groups in 2013, and the subsequent military and security challenges facing the nation. Mali, Terrorism, AFISMA, Security, Institute for Security Studies
Putting Mali Back on the Constitutional TrackThis media release from 2012 discusses the aftermath of the military coup that overthrew Malian President Amadou Toumani Toure on March 21 of that year. It outlined The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) plan to hold an emergency summit including the AU and the UN to establish contact with the military junta with regards to issues of human rights, civil liberties and democracy. References relevant regional events circa 2012. Mali, Military, Political Change, Human Rights, ECOWAS, UN, 2012
World Report 2015: Mali
The updated World Report from Human Rights Watch outlining the recent news on the conflict in Mali, refers to the deteriorating security situation and tensions between pro and anti-government armed groups. Indicates key current international actors. Human Rights, Security, Armed Conflict, Ethnic Tensions, Child Labour, MINUSMA
Building the Capacity of the Malian Police: Why MINUSMA needs to think outside the boxThis policy brief aims to outline how the police component of MINUSMA can be strengthened to better achieve the mission goal of reestablishing state authority and rebuilding the security sector. It is argued that the mission is falling out of favour with Malians due to its inability to deploy in the North of the country. Recommendations are made regarding how the capacity-building aspect of MINUSMA can be enhanced.Northern Mali, Police, Security, Strategy, State-building, MINUSMA, PDF format
Mali: Last Chance in AlgiersThis briefing provides an overview of the Algerian-led peace talks in November 2014 between the Malian government and the armed groups in the north. In this report the International Crisis Group builds on its 2014 report, draws lessons from past mistakes and provides parameters for achieving and implementing a sustainable peace agreement. Mali, Algeria, Peace Negotiations, Conflict Resolution, Intrastate Crisis, Armed Conflict, Mediation
Lessons from the African Union Mission for Somalia (AMISOM) for Peace Operations in MaliThis article draws parallels between the Somalian and Malian conflicts, and argues that the AMISOM experience can offer some useful lessons for Mali. Several themes are identified that helped to drive success for AMISOM, which are then applied in a context relevant to Mali. Somalia, Mali, AMISOM, MINUSMA, Peace Operations, Armed Conflict, Global Intervention
The CIA World Factbook: MaliThe CIA World Factbook provides information on geography, people and society, government,economy, military and transnational issues. [Source: CIA World Factbook]Geography, Society, Government, Economy, Military, Transnational Issues
Briefing: Negotiating aid delivery in Mali’s conflict zonesIRIN spoke to aid staff in Mali about how they navigated access challenges in northern Mali throughout its occupation by Islamist militants in 2012. Highlighting what humanitatian access ooked like, what approaches were used, and changes to the use of negotiation to deliver aid in rebel-controlled areas. Mali, Aid Policy, Conflict, Governance, Human Rights, Security
Mali: Guide to the conflict and peacebuilding in Mali
This source lists peacebuilding and conflict resolution organisations active in Mali both locally and internationally.Mali, Conflict Resolution, International Development, Humanitarian Interests, NGOs
Mali: Conflict ProfileThis resource presented by Peace Direct provides a concise outline and historical framework for current Malian conflict.Mali, History, Politics, Economy, Conflict, Security
Security Council Demands End to Mali Violence, Urges Parties to Reach Peace DealThis statement from the UN Security Council is urging Malian parties to engage in talks towards a comprehensive, inclusive peace deal that addresses the root causes of the ongoing state conflict. It comments on prior attempts at peace and reiterates the current stance of the United Nations on the matter. Mali, UN, Security, Peace Agreements, Key Events,
Who's who in northern Mali?This source distinguishes between the various groups, both armed and unarmed, that are active in northern MaliMali, Population, Groups, Rebel Movements, Tuareg, HCUA, MNLA, MAA, RSFF
Operationalizing Civilian Protection in Mali: The Case for a Civilian Casualty Tracking, Analysis, and Response CellThis article discusses an emerging best practice of civilian harm mitigation in armed conflict: civilian casualty tracking, analysis and response processes by a peacekeeping force. It asserts that these practices have positively shaped mission tactics and overall operations (in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia) and would be a beneficial process for Mali to adopt in order to better understand civilian impacts.Mali, Civilians, Tracking, Analysis, Security, Conflict, Response
Destabilization of MaliReport from the Council on Foreign Relations on the current situation in Mali and problems of destabilization.Mali, United Nations, Displacement, Al Qaida, Transnational Terrorism