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State: The Need for An “Adequacy of Resources”This 56 page publication from the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) poses many questions about the origin, nature, and the possible results of the coalition air strike mission in Iraq and Syria. ISIS, Daesh, IS, ISIL, Inherent Resolve, Operation, Air Strikes, Coalition, Levant, Iraq, Syria
Interactive: Countries countering ISILOnline interactive maps from Al-Jazeera. This interactive map shows the placement of coalition forces that participate in air strikes. These maps also show the placement of airstrikes within Iraq and Syria.Maps, Coalition, Airstrikes, Daesh, ISIL, ISIS, IS, America, Operation Inherent Resolve
West Struggles to Halt Flow of Citizens to War ZonesThis news article follows the plight of Western governments and their ability, or lack there of, to control the flow of potential militants to international war zones. Militants, ISIS, Syria, Iraq, Middle East, Fighters, Jihadis
Be Afraid. Be A Little Afraid: The Threat of Terrorism from Western Foreign Fighters in Syria and IraqThis article shows the breadth of foreign fighters coming from European countries, with the best estimations possible. This article also gives a comprehensive model of the model of foreign fighter radicalization. Fighter, Jihadi, Syria, Iraq, Europe, Terrorism, Home-grown
Teenage suicide bomber hopes for second chanceThis article is news coverage of a would-be suicide bomber, age 14, who decided to spare the lives of Shiite worshipers in a mosque he was supposed to destroy. This is not only a news article on the event, but also gives good insight into IS's use of children as suicide bombers. ISIS, Daesh, Child Soldiers, Suicide Bombers, children, teens, children in war, IS, ISIL
The Evolution of ISISThis article gives background into thedevelopment of ISIS as an organization, and speicifically focuses on the ties in leadership between ISIS, al-Qaeda in Mesopatamia, the Mujahedeen Shura Council in Iraq, and Jund al-Sahhaba.ISIS, IS, ISIL, Syria, Iraq, leadership, evolution, formation, history.
The Islamic State’s Oil NetworkThis article gives insight into one of the Islamic State's biggest sources of income - Oil reserves in conquered areas. It goes in depth into the system which IS uses in order to obtain funds, and how it gets its oil to the international market. IS, Daesh, Oil, Petroleum, Economy, Funds, Profits, Terrorism Funding
Why the Islamic State Will Continue to Exist in 2015
Short scholaly article published by the Carnegie Middle East Center, gives reasons for the survival of IS throughthe year 2015, and what may be done to limit the continued dominance of IS in international politics. Islamic State, Daesh, Strategy, Poltitics, Essential Reading, 2015
The Emerging Jihadist Threat in LebanonDescription of how IS's further advancements into Syria are affecting the movements of Al-Nusra Front fighters int Lebanon, and how this movement is affecting the growing jihadi demographic in Lebanon. Al-Nusra Front, IS, ISIS, Lebanon, Syria, Daesh
Watch: Bruce Riedel Tells the Story of the Islamic State’s OriginThis video clip, narrated by Senior Fellow of the Brookings Institute Bruce Riedel, gives an understanding of the rise of IS, its origins, and information on the leader and figurehead of IS, Abu Bakr Al-BaghdadiIS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Abu Bakr, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, History, Origins, Essential Reading, 2014
Syria: ISIS Tortured Kobani Child HostagesThis mid-legnth article gives insight into the treatment of a specific group of Kurdish boys kidnapped, and later released, by IS. This also gives general insight into the kind of human rights abuses taking place under IS control. Human Rights Watch, Human Rights, Children, Hostages, IS, ISIS, ISIL, Torture
Human Rights Watch Researcher Reports ISIS Abuses In IraqThis is a podcast courtesy of NPR that features a senior researcher for Human Rights Watch, Letta Tayler.NPR, ISIS, Human Rights, Human Rights Watch
LECTURE: Beyond Religion - ISIS and the crisis in the Middle EastLecture archived by the London Middle East Institute, with 3 speakers; Ghias Aljundi, who focuses on the Syrian struggle with IS, Charles Tripp, who focuses on the Iraqis' battle with IS, and Nadje Al-Ali, who focuses on gender, religious, and social minorities within the conflict. Lecture, Video, University of London, IS, Syria, Iraq, Women, Equality, Human Rights
ISIS’s advance in IraqPublished in partner with Columbia University Interactive map that shows borders, strongholds, recent attacks, and religious divides. Can be manipulated to isolate certain religious and ethnic groupings. Interactive, Maps, Sunni, Shiite, Kurdish, Kurdistan,
It Wasn't Their WarArticle that analyzes the effect that the murder of Muath al-Kaseasbeh will have on Jordanian public opinion. This article argues that ISIS in Jordan has lost all support because of this incident.Jordan, Syria, Iraq, ISIS, Public Support, Opinion, Muath al-Kaseasbe
Jordan, ISIS, #WeAreAllMuadhAnalysis of the reaction by the Jordanian monarchy and the Jordanian public to the killing of Muath al-Kaseasbeh, and how this will limit IS's fronteirs in Jordan.Muath al-Kaseasbeh, Jordan, Jordanian, Public Opinion, IS, Daesh
ISIS and Oil: Iraq's Perfect StormArticle showing the flow of both dinars and American dollars through the oil economy, and how this may increase IS's power in the region, aswell as its terrorism funding. Oil, Dollars, Dinars, Economy, Funding, IS, Daesh
Iranian Intervention in Iraq against the Islamic State: Strategy, Tactics and ImpactA look into the tactics that the Iranians have used in order to combat IS, and the impact of these steps and tactics. Iran, ISIL, Syria, Tactics, Strategy, Conflict
Operation Inherent Resolve: The War against Islamic State's Oil NetworkAnalysis of the operation launched by coalition forces in the Levant and how the airstrikes affect the oil network supporting IS.Syria, Iraq, IS, Operation Inherant Resolve, Air Strikes, Oil Economy
Remarks of Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen at The Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, “Attacking ISIL’s Financial Foundation”This breifing presents the outline and a potential strategy for attacking and eventually shutting down the financial support system which funds Daesh.Economic, Finances, Economic Attacks, Treasury, Daesh
U.S. Policy Towards Iraq and Syria and the Threat Posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)Comitee hearing on the strategy used by the American and coalition forces, against IS forces. Comittee, Chuck Hagel, Charles Hagel, Congress, America, Hearing
The Islamic State’s Strategic and Tactical Plan for IraqAn examination of the the Islamic State's strategy, operations, tactics and possible approaches to defence.Strategy, Operations, Tactics, Military, IS, Daesh, Syria, Iraq, Essential Reading, 2015
The Islamic State’s Strategic and Tactical Plan for IraqTestimony providing a first hand account of the American responce to the Islamic State threat in Iraq and Syria.Islamic State, State Department, Testimony, Syria, Iraq, IS, Daesh
Who funds ISIS? Qatar and state-sponsoring allegationsMedium legnth article providing information about the nature of funding for IS.IS, Daesh, Funding
How ISIS could become a potent force in South AsiaMedium legnth article describing the possibilities of ISIS ideology and acrtive members spreading to the southern areas of Asia.South Asia, Asia, Expansion, Ideology, Terrorism
Pentagon: Islamic State is HurtingThis article examines the situation of ISIS's finances, and the current squeze on their two main sources of revenues; black market oil and stolen assets. Assets, Funding, Financing, Money, Oil, Market, Black Market
Hows the fight against Islamic State going? Depnds which Official you askThis article examines the differences in descriptions of success and failure by people within the American administration.Officials, Obama Administration, America, Sucess
ISIS is not a terrorist groupEssay outlining the problems with combatting ISIS as any other conventional terrorist group.Combatting, Counter-terrorism, Armed Forces, Planning
FRANCAIS "How Daesh has become the richest terrorist group in the world"Video (in french) on the multiple sources of revenue of Daesh, and also how their economic development has taken place. Francais, Funding, Economic Development
FRANCAIS "Investigation into a terrorism multinational" VIdeo (in french) of an investigation into Daesh, as one of the largest and most well conected terrorist groups in the world.Francais, Funding, Multinational, Terrorist Funding
Islamic State Loots Archaeological Sites for CashBreif report on ISIS's looting of historical sites, UNESCO designated, in order to raise funds.Archaelogy, Funding,Looting, UNESCO
ISIS Cashing in on Looted Antiquities to Fuel Iraq InsurgencyArticle on the looting of Palmyra in Iraq, and the destruction caused by these events. Archaelogy, Looting, Funding, Money
‘Fight Them Until There Is No Fitnah’: The Islamic State’s War With al-QaedaBrief article on the relationship between ISIS and Al-Qaeda and some skirmishes, both intelectual and physical. Al-Qaeda, ISIS, relationships, competition, terroirst groups
ZAWAHIRI’S LETTER TO ZARQAWI (ENGLISH TRANSLATION)This is a critical letter from Ayman al-Zawahiri to Abu Mus`ab al-Zarqawi in which the author presents his strategy of winning the jihad in IraqAyman al-Zawahiri, Abu Mus`ab al-Zarqawi
Islamic State Spurs Increased Jihadist Activity in AustraliaA look at how the uptake in ISIS activity in the middle east has increased jihadi activity in Australia.Australia, Daesh, Jihadis, Home-grown terrorism
Prepared statement of Benjamin Wittes,
senior fellow at the Brookings Institution,
before the House Committee on Armed
Prepared statement of a Brookings fellow, delivered before the House Comittee on Armed Services, on the topic of Pres. Obama's Authorization for the Use of Military Force against ISIS. AUMF, Obama, Comittee on Armed Services, Congress, America
ISIS vs. Al Qaeda: Jihadism’s global civil warThis article examines how the rise of Daesh will affect the other dominating terrorist group in the region; Al-Qaeda.Al-Qaeda, Civil War, Levant, Control of the Middle East
Jordan, Egypt, and the response to ISIS: Beyond air strikesThis piece examines the effects of the killing of a Jordanian pilot, meant to drive a wedge between Jordanian rulers and common people, failed. Jordan, Air Strikes, Ruling Class
Between the Millstones: The State of Iraq’s
Minorities Since the Fall of Mosul
This 40 page document outlines many human rights issues within the Daesh conflict, and the effects it has had on human rights, and the tratment of minority groups. Minority groups, Human rights, Genocide, Abuses
Iraq’s Minorities and Other Vulnerable Groups:
Legal Framework, Documentation and Human Rights
Provides an overview of key human rights, documentation, and legal challenges common to many minority components in today’s Iraq, including minority women, and suggests targeted recommendations to the central government, the Kurdish Regional Government, and the international community.Human Rights, Iraq, Government, 2014.
ISIS May Have Committed Genocide Against Iraq Minorities, Report SaysTime's analysis of a report from a human rights group about the state of the minorities in Iraq under the rule of Daesh.Genocide, Human Rights, Minorities, Violence
The families ISIS fighters leave behind - VIDEOSix minute video featuring some of the families of foreign fighters participating in ISIS.Foreign fighters, families
Why ISIS Did Not Entirely Lose in KobaneAn analysis of the conflict around Kobane, and what state this conflicts leaves the terrorist group Daesh (ISIS). Kobane, Conflict, Strategy
The Fight for Mosul: Learning From the PastArticle discussing the events of the fight for Mosul, and the lessons that should be taken away from this. Mosul, Conflict, Strategy
Rethinking Sadr: From Firebrand to Iraqi Statesman?Analysis of the position of the alleged "most dangerous person in Iraq".Sadr, Firebrander, Statesman
ISIS kidnaps 220 Christian Assyrians in northern SyriaNews update of the kidnapping of over 200 Christian Assyrians in northern Syria.Syria, Christian Assyrians, Genocide, Kidnapping
Ancestral Homelands Under Attack?
Twenty minute video, discussing the ramifications of conflict in what is considered the cradle of civilization. Civilization, Desecration, History, Destruction
Libya’s Power Vacuum Draws ISIS Closer to EuropeFifty minute podcast on the topic of the power vacuum in Libya, and the way this can draw Daesh closer to European borders. Libya, Europe, Power Vacuum
The Rise, Spread and Fall of the Islamic StateSyria, Iraq, ISIS, IS, Kurds, Turkey