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The African Union Counter Terrorism FrameworkBreif synopsis of the African Union counter-terrorism initiative system.AU, counter terrorism, terrorism, anti-terrorism, framework, system
Protocol to the OAU Convention on the Prevention and Combatting of TerrorismLegal document outlining the counter-terrorism initiatives of the African Union.African Union, counter terrorism, initiatives, document, law, agreement
AU member states urged to implement PSC anti-terrorism measuresArticle on the AU reaction to the Westgate Mall attacks, including analysis of the meeting between a group of AU leaders. AU, Westgate Mall, Terrorism, Counter-terrorism, operations
African Union counter-terror bill endorsed by security expertsBrief article analysing the efforts to combat terrorism in the AU, and a specific agreement being signed in Algiers.AU, counter-terrorism, agreement, Algiers
African counter-terrorism
legal frameworks
a decade after 2001
125 page report on the efforts of the African Union to combat terrorism after the events of September 11th in New York.Counter Terrorism, AU, Agreement, 2001, 9/11
Report of the Chairperson of the Commission on Terrorism and Violent Extremism in Africa at the Peace and Security Council 455th Meeting at the Level of Heads of State and Government, Nairobi, KenyaReport by an expert of the African Union on terrorism and violent extrmism in the member states.AU, terrorism, extremism, report
Implementing the UN Global Counter-terrorism Strategy in West Africa30 page report that analyses the implimentation of strategic counter-terrorism in West Africa, complete with recomendations for the international community. AU, counterterrorism, strategy, West Africa, anti-terrorism
AU strategies for combating terror, crimeArticle summarizing the proposals for Afripol, similar to Europol, and the ramifications in the AU. AU, Anti-terror, counter-terrorism, Afripol, Europol
The Achilles’ heel of AU counter-terror efforts remains the African StateArticle that suggests we examine the architechture of African counter-terrorism efforts themselves.AU, counter terrorism, architecture, infrastructure
African leaders agree to co-operate in fight against terrorismArticle concerning the agreements made regarding counter-terrorism efforts in September of 2014.AU, Counterterrorism, strategy, agreements
Ambassador Michael A. Battle Remarks at the African Union African Center for the Study and Research on Terrorism (ACSRT) WorkshopArticle from the American Mission to the African Union, concerning the remarks that Ambassador Battle made at a counterterrorism workshop. AU, American Mission to the AU, Workshop, Speech, USA
FACT SHEET: Partnering to Counter Terrorism in AfricaFact sheet showing the historical partnership between America and African States in counter-terrorism efforts.AU, USA, America, Agreements, Partnership
Horn of Africa BulletinIn part three of this bulletin there is an article on the state of the AU's counterterrorism policies.AU, policies, counterterrorism
Introduction: Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in Sub-Saharan AfricaArticle out of the Center for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence on terrorism and counter-terrorism in sub-Saharan Africa.AU, Sub-Saharan Africa, Terrorism, Counterterrorism
URI Africa's Mussie Hailu attends African Union summit on terrorismReporting from the African Union special summit on counter-terrorism, in September of 2014. AU, Terrorism, counterterrorism, summit, leaders
A talk with AU Counter-Terrorism Special EnvoyAn interview with the African Union Special Envoy to the Lords Resistance Army, Francisco Medeira. AU, Terrorism, Future, Arab Spring
24th AU Summit : "AU must guarantee peace and security in Africa based on human rights and justiceArticle analysing the activities of the 24th African Union Summit in January of 2015.AU, Summit, 24th, Leaders, Meetings
The War on Terrorism in AfricaAnalysis of the beginnings of the counter-terrorism efforts in Africa, which are argued began in the early 1990's Sudan. Sudan, History, Terrorism, counter-terrorism
African Union Takes Stock of 51 Years as Terrorism Spreads Across ContinentArticle focusing on the history of the African Union addressing the terrorism threats, over the past 51 years. AU, 51 years, anti terrorism, counter terrorism
AMISOM BackgroundBackground on the African Union Mission in SomaliaAfrican Union, Somalia, Mission
Africa and International Counterterrorism ImperativesUN report on the efforts needed in the African, and broader international comminity, in the section of counter-terrorism. Counter-terrorism, international efforts, United Nations
The Role of Regional Integration in Fighting Crime and Terrorism: The Case of the African Union’s (AU’s) Initiatives, 1999-2014Article examining the role of the AU in the fight against terrorism, and the record of their African Union, Initiatives, History, Goals
African Union High-Level Inter-Governmental Meeting on the Prevention and Combating of Terrorism in AfricaA plan of action regarding the high level meeings for prevention and combatting of African terrorism.Meeting, Action, Counterterrorism, Preventing terrorism
Paved with good intention? The African Union counter terrorism agendaThourough analysis of the initiatives launched by the African Union, and the results of these efforts. African Union, Initiatives, Results, Goals
Comments by Ambassador Battle on the UN Counterterrorism Implementation Task Force Conference 2012Speech made by the American Ambassador to the African Union on counter-terrorism efforts.American Mission, African Union, Counter-terrorism
AU security panel discuss African terror strategyBrief summary of the talks going on in South Africa regarding counter-terrorism.Meetings, Security Panel, African Union, South Africa
List of Countries which have Signed, Ratified/Acceded to the Protocol to the OAU Convention on the Prevention and Combating of TerrorismTally of countries who have signed the Convention on the Prevention and Cmbatting of TerrorismAfrican Union, Convention, AU, agreement
Protocol to the OAU Convention on the Prevention and Combating of TerrorismPDF of the Protocol for the Convention on Prevention and Combatting of TerrorismConvention, Terrorism, counter-terrorism
Protocol to the OAU Convention on the Prevention and Combating of TerrorismCollective mission statements on the prevention of terrorism from all AU member states.Mission Statements, Protocol, African Union
The African Union’s Peace and
Security Architecture:
Report on the architecture in place within the African Union in order to combat possible terrorism increases.Terrorism, African Union, Architecture, Infrastructure
Algiers Declaration
On the Establishment of the African Mechanism for Police Cooperation - AFRIPOL
The document from the meeting of directors and inspectors general of police forces, outlining the goals of AFRIPOL. AFRIPOL, Algiers, Counter-terrorism, Policing, Declaration
China and the Rising Terrorist Threats in Africa: Time for U.S.-China Cooperation?Article analysing the state of affairs between U.S. and CHina, and how these relations could affect counter-terrorism efforts in Africa. U.S., China, African relations
Achieving Peace in the Great Lakes RegionArticle suggesting solutions to the conflicts seen in the Great Lakes area (Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo [DRC]). Rwanda, Burundi, DRC
Algeria working to split Tuareg Islamists from Al-Qaeda in Northern MaliArticle outlining the efforts of the Algerians to split Islamists from Al-Qaeda (AQIM) in norhern Mali.Al-Qaeda, AQIM, Mali, Northern Mali
Threats to Nigeria's Security: Boko Haram and BeyondThe agenda for a conference on the threats to Nigeria's security, mostly focusing on Boko Haram. Includes a link to the full video of the discussion of the day. Conference, Boko Haram, Nigeria
Will the Return of Ethiopia’s Military to Somalia Destroy al-Shabaab or Revive It?Analysis of the re-construction of Ethiopia's military in Somalia, and the effects of this on al-Shabaab, and terrorist organizations in the area. Ethiopia, al-Shabaab, Somalia
Israel to assist Kenya in battle against Al-ShabaabArticle outlining the commitments of Israel to aid in the fight against Al-Shabaab.Al-Shabaab, Kenya, Israel
Franco-Algerian Security Rapprochement is Threatened by Divergent Views on LibyaDetails about the meetings between Paris and Algiers about potential security cooperation, and the falling out of these talks. Paris, Algiers, Security, Cooperation
How Inequality Fuels Boko HaramArticle outlining how the inequality in Africa actually fuels the growth and development of Boko Haram.Boko Haram, Inequality, development, poverty
False Security in KenyaAnalysis of the counterterrorism efforts in Kenya, and some of the negative effects of these efforts. Kenya, Security, Productivity
Counterterrorism in the Sahel: The African Union appreciates Algeria's initiativesPress release from the Embassy of Algeria, on the topic of the apreciation of the African Union towards Algeria on their security efforts. Algeria, African Union, Press Release
AU reviews counterterrorism strategies as threats escalateCoverage of the African Union meetings on security in Addis Ababa.Adis Ababa, Security Talks, Conference
Africa is vulnerable to terrorism, says African Union officialSound clip of an African Union official discussing the vulnerability of the continent to terrorism.Sound clip, podcast, security, terrorists
Compliance among weak states: Africa and
the counter-terrorism regime
25 page paper on the counter-terrorism efforts in Africa in the recent past.Counter-terrorism, Africa, East Africa
Countering Violent Extremism and
Promoting Community Engagement
in West Africa and the Sahel
Long "action paper" with suggestions on steps to be taken towards peace in Africa, published by the Center on Global Counterterrorism Cooperation (CGCC) Extremism, Violence, West Africa, Sahel
Terrorism and Counter terrorism in East AfricaThis paper examines the efforts by regional and external actors to counter terrorism in East
East Africa, Counter-terrorism, regional actors, external threats
Africa’s Challenges and the Role of the African Union: Q&A with Aisha AbdullahiQ&A with Aisha Abdullahi, the African Union (AU) commissioner for the Department of Political Affairs, where she discusses what roles the African Union, the regional economic communities, and civil society have. John Hirsch, senior adviser at the International Peace Institute, conducted the interview.African Union, economic communities, political affairs